Monday, June 15, 2020

Why People Lie? A Few Good Honest Reasons!

I spent some time thinking about why people lie. It seems very common and people do it all the time. There are different types of lies that range from the innocent to the malicious. I've experienced such lies myself and I guess in my life I may have told a few myself. However, I'm more concerned about those who lie all the time and they lie in a malicious way. This is what I can think of.....

1. Lie to Protect: Sometimes we may not want to say certain things or we feel like we don't want to answer a question. For example, if someone you don't know well asks you a personal question and you may say some sort of wishy washy answer. I don't really consider these lies. You may also lie to protect someone.

2. Lie for Power: These are the types of lies that many politicians and people who want to create influence. Its hard to have honest discussions and often people are unforgiving when legitimate mistakes are made. Therefore, we might be inclined to lie to soften the blow or create more influence.

3. Lie for Ego: Some people lie to make themselves look and feel more important than they are. Likely has a root in low self-esteem and the need to have constant approval.

4. Lie to Damage: There are those who lie to damage. While these may have deep psychological needs they are still designed to inflict pain on others for testing them, not bending to their will, because they are jealous, and so many other low functioning reasons. Such people are destructive and manipulative.

5. Lie to Cover: While this may be similar to lie to protect these are lies to cover one's own wrong doings. Its not the same as an inappropriate question you don't want to answer or to protect someone. This is about making sure one doesn't get in trouble for past behavior. Someone who stole, committed crimes, etc... simple don't like being held accountable.

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