Sunday, June 21, 2020

Whitehouse Press Release GDP May Rise Above 2019 Peak 06-21-2020

GDP is a common measurment of economic growth or decline. It should be remember that this is an imperfect measurement but it is one of the best ones and most common ones we have today. I also think that the economy will also start to take off in the third and fourth quarter assuming that no major issues occur. With the advent of new technological development and innovative synergy we could even hope for something much stronger next year as new technologies are fully adapted. Of course there is no guarantee and this is something that might happen with outside variables....and I think there always is but hopefully not (i.e. major spike COVID, natural catastrophe, etc....). You can read something about it here....GDP Contracts 1st Q of 2020-Is It a Short Lived Shock and Digital GDP Recovery?

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