Tuesday, June 9, 2020

White House Hosts Meeting with Law Enforcement

One of the important pieces we hear from this is that there is a need balance reform so that we have a strong police force but one that is fair. We have two developing philosophies and somewhere along the road we will need to find balance. That balance must include investigating wrong doing, changing of metrics to raise good officers and remove bad officers, use of physical force, outside investigations when concerns warrant them, training, consider alternatives to incarceration, and connecting with different communities that have something to say. Some discussion on the need of courageous leadership and work with the National Commission of Law Enforcement.

Change is needed and its coming. We must remember we are not AT the ending place of national development and legacy. WE are becoming something and such large philosophical questions on race are being discussed that will likely create whole new ways of thinking about equality and economic growth. Its messy and there will likely be lots of fighting among different parties but what we can expect is movement to eradicate systematic racism and that could lead to further minimizing destructive belief systems that don't support our national development.

Getting people to work together and see each others perspective is important. Hearing from Black leaders and minority leaders (including religions readers) on how to improve the system and also hearing from law enforcement officials help creates a more round perspective. It is that sharing of perspective in the national dialogue that leads to new solutions and innovation in our law enforcement approaches.

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