Tuesday, June 9, 2020

When Everyone Knows the Answers-Beyond the Birds Chirping in Justice Reform

Your listen and watch the news and everyone has a solution. Wherever you look and listen people have all the answers. Some of these answers are great and some not so great. Mostly they are saying the same thing and begin to sound a little like birds chirping. Same song with different tones, tempos, and pitches. We need new voices and coordination among our leadership to push us to the next level of national development.

One thing I noticed groups do when someone has ideas that are different they shun them. I'm not talking about any particular political party or ideology. It just seems to be a common behavior. Anything from policing to your local basketball team and all the way over to our national leaders. Ideas seem premade and copies of other's ideas. Uniqueness is rare.

We all knew that racism was a problem for a long time and most people jumping to solve the problems didn't act when they didn't have supporters. That is called integrity. Its not so much what is being said but how it is being said. New ideas are short. I guess this is a little how politics work. It is about influence. One must have ideas that appeal to the masses and the goal is to sell those ideas as original.

I wonder if being the voice of the people means that one must first have their finger on the pulse of the people's heartbeat. To see, feel, hear, and understand intuitively what people want? This may very well be true. For example, equality of law and justice is one thing but under that is a deeper meaning to belong, to matter, to be seen as worthwhile to society.

True feelings are deeper than what is being chirped by the political birds. It isn't about selling great new ideas it is more about understanding what people need and want to ensure we are fulfilling that in our governance policies. Building great societies requires us to move beyond the "clunkiness" of law and law enforcement and more to creating an enlightened society where people know on a deep and fundamental level that everyone is part of the same large clan.

What hurts worse than overt bigots and racists are those who hold their tongue, don't give the invites, look the other way, ostracize, pass over, look down on, etc.... etc.... etc.... It is those who you can see right behind their polite words that they would rather throw you over a bridge than tolerate your existence. When you are raising mixed race kids with different religions I have seen people do things that if their truer intentions were known you might gag in disgust and feel ashamed that people still act that way.

I can't chirp directly about the pain that others feel. I can only say that reforming law enforcement is one issue but eradicating the ideologies that rip at the sole of unity are another. The words behind the words. What would happen if we were all one society that "walked the talk"? Would we look back 100 years from now and find that we were a silly ignorant people? I think we could build a stronger society. Maybe we all need to chirp together for change so that each person can rise based on their own abilities.

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