Saturday, June 20, 2020

What is it Going to Take to Rebuild Our Job Environment? Federal Chair Jerome Powell

Rebuilding our nation will require a strategic approach that leads to growth for all Americans. There has been a focus on manufacturing which is great. I think its important to rebuild our manufacturing, micromanufacturing, high skilled technology fields and our infrastructure. I believe in "rock to retail approach" while augmenting international supply chain to support our internal manufacturing but not supplant it. Education is important in this process of redevelopment. Its is awesome they are discussing life long learning as this has been something discussed in online education for a long time.

Through crisis comes opportunity for minorities and the rest of Americans. We can reclaim our international position if we all get on the same page and grow in prominence together.

This is the theory I been working on. There is a lot of parallel with what is talking about. The idea probably help Youngstown. I used to drive truck when I was younger so I have been there. There is some discussion on incubators to help communities in theories. This can help minorities and other economically under-performing areas develop their business ideas. I think it would work in Youngstown and Escanaba. That will require some investment capital from larger investers (stocks) which have not been hit by economic decline as much as the general population.  HERE

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