Tuesday, June 9, 2020

What Am I Thinking | General CQ Brown- More Thoughts of How this Works in Everyday Life

This general is making some important and powerful statements. I can say that I have seen bigotry in action in everyday life. Justice is more than lip service and foot dragging. We have a responsibility to make a stronger nation. I have seen injustice in action where children have been ostracized because adults in their lives have not grown up. One wanted to be a pilot and wasn't invited to an Honor Flight while the other grand children were. Another was purposely put in harm's way and people bragged about the harm they did. This is the life of those who fit outside some delusional sense of normal.

There is no normal in this country any more....there hasn't been for a long long time. Our diversity can be our strength. I can say that as a Republican who believes that people should rise on their own abilities and that large government is not the solution. I suspect people on the Democrat side could say something similar as well based on their own ideologies because they have a track record in recent times working with minorities. So....this isn't a political argument...this is an argument of civility, decency, morality, and human development. I would love a strong nation where all people of different backgrounds were seen as equals...that is our long term American legacy.

I can say what I learned. There is little to no remorse among the racists (I must also add bigots). Their beliefs are embedded in their mindset because the very same mechanics that push them to spew their problems into hatred are the same issues that default when it is time to have self reflection and remorse. I say....we have a responsibility to believe in our American principles above the surface words and comments people say. This general seems to feel what people have felt for a long time. American is for those who believe in certain principles and their race and religion should not shut the door for good people and open the door for the wrong people. I will say its not this general's job to change society it is only his job to be the best person he can so others can draw strength and learn new values. No one can walk with a heavy burden for long. His statements serve his country again.

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