Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Rock Climbing for Supper Body Strength-Climbing for Justice

Rock climbing can be simple or difficult. You can also start at easy and move to advanced paths making it versatile for a wide spectrum of people. Indoor rock climbing gyms and a class will get you started with the basics and safety protocol. I moved from V0 to V8 as my upper body strength and dexterity improved. Keep going back and you will gain muscle as "real" movement that impacts stabilizer muscles kicks in.

I'm working on climbing Mount Everest to raise awareness of justice. This is a wider concept of justice; a more theoretical kind. I'm a father of two minority children and I've seen people do some very bad things who didn't seek help nor were they held accountable.  I have been working on this for over a year to no avail. Its important for people to become aware of the roots of their destructive behavior and if they do not have the capacity to get the help they need to live happy non-destructive lives they should be held accountable. Where I come from that is not an easy request when you are the "other" in a small community it is every more difficult. Some people did the right thing and some turned a blind eye. Serving your country doesn't mean silence under bullying means standing up for future generations and the protection of those who can't protect themselves; even if you are the only one trying to do whats right.

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