Monday, June 1, 2020

Police Kneel and Protesters Cheer-Changing the Narrative

The mirrors of anger, violence, and rage show the wrong story. We are a ONE people and seeing officers kneeling in solidarity with protesters that there is room for improvement is a positive sign. That sends the right message of hope while offering a signal to anarchists and I suspect some of the racists out there that there is opportunity for understanding.

If we truly want to stop this crisis we can deescalate by engaging in positive reform that can help make policing more effective, help minority community fully engage the economy as equal citizens, and reduce the drag that inappropriate overuse of prisons have on our communities. We can focus on helping and improving our communities and finding reasonable alternatives for those suffering from mental health, lack of opportunity, pain of rejection, family abuse, and the wet blanket of being downtrodden. We can become a single people if we so desire....race is socially constructed and useless in the grand scheme of a modern world.

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