Thursday, June 11, 2020

Michigan Liquor "Social Districts" and "Cocktails to Go" Bills-Win Win For Delta County's Downtowns

The two Senate Bills 939 and 938 seem to be pushing for a pro tourism and restaurant state. These bills are helpful for tourism and restaurants. Of course not everyone is going to agree but we can say that it helps towns look more lively. I think of Delta County and its beautiful waterfront and downtown areas. Specifically, I think of Escanaba and how having outdoor areas could make a difference in the amount of visitors and downtown businesses that rely on visitors.

People don't want to visit downtown with old and empty buildings. They will come if it is lively, have lots of people around, and full stores. People come down to eat and then they shop so it can be a win win for local businesses.

-Senate Bill No. 939 Allows for "Social Districts where Alcohol can be served and Senate Bill No. 938 Allow for cocktails to take out/deliver.
  • Obtain a $300 annual social district permit in addition to their on-premises liquor license
  • Serve their drinks out of containers clearly marked with their name or logo
  • Make sure customers don’t leave the common area with open containers
Michigan will soon be able to add itself to the lists of states with Cocktails-to-Go.

Of course Michigan's favorite cocktail is 7 and 7.

As businesses are opening there is an increase interest in ordering cocktails to go and when they do they opt for a premium drink.


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