Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Life as We Know It....Politics and Pricelessness

Politics is the art of influence. People come to encourage a way of life and promote their value systems to the world around them. Passing laws and creating rules helps to ensure that their way of life is being protected. It is an outward manifestation of inner self perception and values. When a group of people work together to accomplish certain goals they are called a party.

Parties are important because they help take values and codify them with government. In the U.S. we have two main parties of Republicans and Democrats. There may be a few smaller unknown independents but ultimately most belong to one or the other.

Each party promotes a value system and requires strict adherence to these value systems. You can see what occurs when party members don't talk or speak the party line and are swiftly sidelined. When dealing with two major parties naturally the other party is seen as frankly the "other".

That can be helpful from time to time but can be unhelpful if there is gridlock in decisions making. As each side maneuvers to promote their own position and limit the position of the other party they fail to truly listen and discuss issues that can lead to better legislative actions.

I know that I am not powerful and I know that many times my ideas are not worth much. ...but I do think the parties should think about conversing with each other in a bi-partisan way so as to perspective share and come to meaningful solutions on national problems. Politics has Pricelessness when parties work together on important national projects such as economic growth and fostering national improvements.

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