Thursday, June 18, 2020

Governor Whitmer Discusses Schools and Black Lives Matter....We Need to Create a Fair Society!

Interesting discussion on transmissions and mask. It would seem that those who don't wear masks may be the one's mostly likely to get and spread the disease because of a lack of protection. I like the concept of getting everyone to wear mask when there are significant cases present. The graph sort of highlighted the risks of not wearing. We may not be able to shut down the economy again without serious damage but we could require people to wear masks. That would likely factor into a future strategy. We need business to survive and we need people to be safe.

She discusses equity and justice for Black Americans in Michigan. I think this is important...and it should move beyond that to include any race and religion. I've seen serious religious discrimination where Muslims associated with crazy, violent, terrorists and Black children disgusting names and these were acceptable behaviors to a coordinated group of people. Black Lives movements should be more about true equality of all people. I believe that is why it has such wide appeal among different backgrounds. Its a movement pushed by Millennials to improve their world.

Sometimes it seems like we say things and we can work toward them but then ignore real issues among average people because they were not recorded on a camera or have public awareness. I think true justice means we do what is right in any situation regardless of the political risks. I'm an advocate for encouraging a better world where people don't "walk" from their crimes because there is no political boost for holding people accountable. Its important to have integrity and that means we don't just explore those cases that make us look good or bad.

Building a more just world for all human beings, Blacks, Whites, Muslims, Jews, Christians, and other Americans means treating people fairly and with wisdom. Its an ideal that may not be realized in our lifetimes but it is the American thing to work on. It seems that if we are to honor our Constitution and the people who died fighting for it we must fulfill our destiny as an enlightened society. I'm happy Republicans and Democrats are slowly starting to become aware of these issues and take action but lets not ignore how it works in real life with real people. You don't need a video to tell you what the right thing to do is; most bad behaviors are not captured on videos (doesn't matter the perpetrator).

I am still thinking about Climbing Everest to raise awareness about justice/injustice and its meaning in our society. I started this months before this movement because I witnessed things that were not normal. Its about protecting our essential American values, children, and our rights to set ones own destiny without harassment, bigotry, racism, ostracize, reputation ruining, false police complaints and much more. Crimes were committed and the people involved did not receive the help they needed or as an alternative held accountable for those actions (At least as far as I know). These were not accidental crimes but crimes with an intent to do serious harm. I can't say with definite certainty what is right or wrong but it seems wrong to just ignore it because its not popular. I don't think people should fight only for the big media cases. They should be fighting for systematic changes that bring our country to the next level. It depends on if your value system is all about looking good to the public or having a value system that transcends ego needs.

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