Friday, June 5, 2020

Elderly Man Pushed to Ground in Buffalo-We must ALL act with integrity!

It looks like an elderly man was pushed to the ground by a couple of officers. I'm not sure why this is still happening when we know there are serious issues. Are our leaders actually looking into complaints and trying to hold people accountable or is this "lip service"? Its seems that only a video makes a difference when the video in and of itself doesn't make something right or wrong. It only highlights what happen.

I know so many good officers that are trying hard to protect the public. Much is dependent on the culture of the department. I can also say that I've seen an officer or two do some bad stuff and not be held accountable even when a community openly talks about inappropriate behaviors.

Complaints must be followed up on to ensure misconduct is exposed and dealt with before it infects others. Failure to build in feedback mechanisms and a culture that encourages integrity means our leaders are not willing to act with integrity themselves. People are complaining about secretive lack of transparency, foot dragging and lip service. It comes down to fundmental value systems.

When you are dealing with power and force, it exists only with the good will of the people based on their trust.  It is important to ensure everyone acts in as professional manner as possible to maintain that trust. How do we encourage reform in a way that helps people, officers, tax payers, and our economy? There are ways....we just need to act on them. Stop listening to the experts as they are indoctrinated into a particular methodology. It's time to find a new plan.

Don't let bad officers stain the honor of good officers. Follow up and remove the bad apples before they taint the bunch. If we don't have the intelligence or moral aptitude to uphold our cherished American principles then we need to change how and who we select to be our leaders.

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