Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Diving in Point Loma to Find Fishing Treasure

Powered up the outboard engine and headed out into the blue toward the new boat launch to try out some new/used diving equipment I picked up at a bargain price from a local dive shop just a week prior. It was a busy weekend so boaters were making wakes on their family excursions which made shore diving a touch more difficult as rolling waves knocked me off balance. Either way I waded with fat flippers into the water and made my way along the breakwall to see what might have inadvertantly slipped from some sure footed fisherman's hand.

To my surprise....I found a pair of fishing pliars. Not much of a "treasure" but it was still cool to find something. Other divers talk about the walls full of fishing tackle and old bottles so I figure fishing gear to be on par with other great discoveries.


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