Monday, June 29, 2020

Dinghy Boating in San Diego-More Public Docks Needed

Dinghy Diving is something I'm just starting to get into. In this case traveling through the bay of San Diego you can see the multitudes of ships that are anchored in the area. San Diego is a boaters heaven with lots of places to explore that appeals to locals and vacationers. On any given day you will see an abundance of boats on the bay but not a lot of public docks in the area.

Personally, if I was going to raise appeal and make San Diego more friendly for dinghy use I would think outside the box and include more dinghy dock facilities in popular destinations. Particularly, this could be helpful for Liberty Station, Downtown and other touristy hot spots. People enjoy going out to eat, shopping, beach lounging and much more. Having a few more temporary docking facilities brings a vacationing crowd with money to spend.

I always wanted to see a nice grocery store with a dock. :0

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