Thursday, June 4, 2020

AG William Barr Holds a Press Conference Against Racial Injustice-Reform on the Way!

There is movement on the Justice reform issues. I think most people are trying to do the right thing. We do know that without actually investigating and following up on complaints, especially those that carry a latent variable theme, there isn't likely to be radical changes. Consider that before someone goes to the point of murdering someone they may have multiple complaints of similar types behavior. I call this the latent variable. It is something that isn't directly observable but is hidden in the data. For example, a person who receives multiple complaints about different scenarios but with the same central issue (i.e. sadistic type behavior) would be of serious concern. That means there will need to be significant internal investigative abilities with a greater understanding that by arresting/removing bad apples we are able to protect the honor of departments as well as trust in the system. That doesn't begin to address the need to refer people to get help vs prison, ensuring that we are locking up only those who need to be locked up and that we view people equally under the law and economic systems.

The large Millennial demographic are turning of mature age and have a projected image of their future country. All economic systems and public institutions are projections of our collective needs. They act and interact with us to continuously redefine themselves. When an institution becomes too rigid because of the same types of people within them they run afoul of what the larger public wants we will have this type of radical adjustments. The blame really can't be placed on one administrations doorstep as it has been growing over the past 50+ years as we developed a conception of universal value systems of justice.

Let's also not forget religious injustice and the poor perceptions we may have of religious minorities. It is now the time to adjust the justice system to make it fair for all U.S. citizens. No matter how good or poor we were before there is always room for improvement. Complacency and a self-confirming system caused much of this problem to start with. That doesn't exclude the need to peacefully protest until full reform is underway. Perhaps this is the administration that can make it happen (or if they choose not to the next one might)! Through great adversity comes the opportunity to get all economic engines pumping. It all depends on how we see it, interpret it, and act on it.

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