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Trump Signs Executive Order on Competency Based Systems for Federal Hiring: Aligning Curriculum to Industry Needs

Hiring practices change and adjust to market need. As our higher education adjusts to new forms of education it will naturally create pressure to focus on different ways of thinking about the skills learned and what type of skills are needed for national success.  In recent years there has been movement toward thinking about competencies as a measurement of skills and abilities learned in educational programs. This is a little outside the scope of traditional thinking but when done correctly with new education models can lead to more substance within broader frameworks for knowledge. In this case the Federal Government is seeking to focus on actual competencies and skills beyond degrees. When someone earns a degree they are being certified that they have learned a certain amount of knowledge, skills, and competencies. There is broad knowledge that doesn't always fit precisely into existing competency models but as new frameworks are created and defined it becomes increasingly pos

Drone Sees Whale Dwarf Fishing Boat

Fishing boat looks as though it is super tiny compared to the whale. We have a responsibility to protect these animals by protecting our environment. That doesn't mean we need to stop development it means we need to start thinking about building innovative industries that reduce pollution. There is a growing marketing for pollution reversing technologies as nations become better aware of the costs of pollution in terms of health and GDP.  

Dinghy Boating in San Diego-More Public Docks Needed

Dinghy Diving is something I'm just starting to get into. In this case traveling through the bay of San Diego you can see the multitudes of ships that are anchored in the area. San Diego is a boaters heaven with lots of places to explore that appeals to locals and vacationers. On any given day you will see an abundance of boats on the bay but not a lot of public docks in the area. Personally, if I was going to raise appeal and make San Diego more friendly for dinghy use I would think outside the box and include more dinghy dock facilities in popular destinations. Particularly, this could be helpful for Liberty Station, Downtown and other touristy hot spots. People enjoy going out to eat, shopping, beach lounging and much more. Having a few more temporary docking facilities brings a vacationing crowd with money to spend. I always wanted to see a nice grocery store with a dock. :0

Michigan State Police Receive $1,000,388.00 from CAMP Grant

Michigan State Police (MSP) receives $1,000,388.00 ( Awardees List) from CAMP Grant designed is designed to advance public safety by providing funds directly to state law enforcement agencies to investigate illicit activities related to the manufacture and distribution of methamphetamine.  We know that drugs have taken a significant toll on our communities and starting to curb these behaviors is important. You can gain more information from the CAMP Fact Sheet. Rural communities are often hit hard because it is easy to product these drugs in camps and trailers hidden in the woods. As these drugs are distributed and sold in rural places like the U.P. they have a devastating impact on their communities destroying the ability to maintain meaningful work, damaging children, encouraging more crime, and much more. How does it propose to do this? COPS Office encourages sites to develop partnerships with other agencies, such as the Environmental Protection Agency, fire departments, lo

Salty Dog Searches for Land

Ok...Chewy my super easy going Shiatsu isn't much of a salty dog but he is well on his way to becoming a seaman.

Justice in Policing Act 2020-Are We Still Holding Bad Apples Accountable?

I'm looking through the Democrat Bill and the Republican Bill to gain a better understanding of the two bills. The Democrat Bill is much more comprehensive. I don't know if everything will work the way it is intended and if it passes there is likely to be some adjusting. What keeps rolling around in my mind is that much is focused on use of force and on minority communities. We know that is a problem....and we know that bad apples are bad apples and they are likely to have a pattern of abusive behavior in their positions. That likely impacts almost multiple communities they deal with because it is part of their personality and self-perceptive schema (i.e. people with perceived differences seen as the "other" might receive similar treatment). When working in law enforcement I believe its important to have integrity and be honest and forth-write in all actions. People with negative dispositions and a bent toward abuse play in the grey areas and likely to circumvent t

Rock Climbing Around Crevices-Strategy and Body

It's not easy to rock climb around crevices as your body moves away from the rock surface risking the natural contact with the wall. I'm still learning so practice is important as one develops strategies to coordinate and master different angles of the wall. Center of gravity should hug the wall as much as possible. Slippery sweat dipped fingers become a problem as you try try to over and around the corner and outward pressure is applied. One must use their brains as much as their bodies in rock climbing. Don't go until you know where your 3 point contact will find solid landing. Look, feel, and maintain as much return balance as possible if all does t work as intended

Senator McBroom Discusses Auto Insurance with More Options

Auto Insurance has been a big issue for Michigan for sometime. It was like this "pink elephant" that people talked about no one addressed the issue. There will be more choices with this new insurance so you will want to check out some of the plan.  You can get the highlights in an article HERE. 

Senator Tim Scott Discusses Institutions of Authority-Dems Not So Sure

Senator Tim Scott discusses police reform but Democrats are not so sure that reforms go far enough. What we can see is that there may be concerns that individual wrongdoing isn't being addressed in the legislation. I think there are some fixes that make this palatable to both sides. You can listen to the Bill and see it HERE . A couple of key points: 1. Use of Deadly Force. 2. Funding issues. 3. No knock 4. Transparency 5. Training 6. Falsifying reports 7. Body cameras 8. Record retention 9. Lynching 10. Social status. 11. Deescalation 12. Training 13. Mental health 14. National commission 15. Hiring and education 16. Best practices 17. Law enforcement consent 18. Funding I really like what they have here and I think its a great start. Democrats don't like it and feel that perhaps by not negotiating there will be increasing pressure on Republicans to adjust. Now...what I would consider to push the this legislation forward would be thinking about individ

Diving in Point Loma to Find Fishing Treasure

Powered up the outboard engine and headed out into the blue toward the new boat launch to try out some new/used diving equipment I picked up at a bargain price from a local dive shop just a week prior. It was a busy weekend so boaters were making wakes on their family excursions which made shore diving a touch more difficult as rolling waves knocked me off balance. Either way I waded with fat flippers into the water and made my way along the breakwall to see what might have inadvertantly slipped from some sure footed fisherman's hand. To my surprise....I found a pair of fishing pliars. Not much of a "treasure" but it was still cool to find something. Other divers talk about the walls full of fishing tackle and old bottles so I figure fishing gear to be on par with other great discoveries.  

Life as We Know It....Politics and Pricelessness

Politics is the art of influence. People come to encourage a way of life and promote their value systems to the world around them. Passing laws and creating rules helps to ensure that their way of life is being protected. It is an outward manifestation of inner self perception and values. When a group of people work together to accomplish certain goals they are called a party. Parties are important because they help take values and codify them with government. In the U.S. we have two main parties of Republicans and Democrats. There may be a few smaller unknown independents but ultimately most belong to one or the other. Each party promotes a value system and requires strict adherence to these value systems. You can see what occurs when party members don't talk or speak the party line and are swiftly sidelined. When dealing with two major parties naturally the other party is seen as frankly the "other". That can be helpful from time to time but can be unhelpful if th

Michigan GOP Announces $1.3 Billion Funding for "Return to Learn" Plan

Education is important and an essential pathway to a better life. Monies will come from the $3 Billion federal COVID-19 relief funding. Most children will be going back to school and some may be online. Online education is growing and is fast becoming a part of modern life. These models were shunned just a few years ago.

Presidential Message on the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Okinawa-Heroes of the Past and Present

American values are essential to a freedom and our way of life. We have stood the test of time but our struggles are not over. One could say that while we are not currently embroiled in an international conflict of the magnitude of the past but we are deeply embedded in the process of national self-reflection. The conflict is eternal. Our fathers, grand fathers, and great grandfathers died for their beliefs. They had the struggles of their time and we have the struggles of our time. Let me say that there are many ways a person serves his/her country. We are part of a process of becoming. When I see Americans doing amazing things I see a history of people standing up to protect future generations and the ever so present American value systems. Not everything is cut and dry, easy to understand, or easy to overcome. However, we must endure as a nation to show people that freedom of one's words, values, economic activities, and lifestyle should not be dictated. Freedom comes with r

Changing the Justice System- Law & Order with Compassion & Wisdom

I listened to Michigan Supreme Court Justice Bridget McCormick and am happy we are starting to discuss the need or justice reform but I think there is more we can do. I believe that criminals should be held accountable (That includes bad acting officers and people who commit crimes.) but that accountability doesn't always mean jail time. Jail is the hammer in the end for those who do not take ownership over their behaviors or go through the steps to ensure they don't commit such acts again. There are smaller cases, first time cases, and other issues where "throwing the book" at someone without understanding what is going on isn't the right thing to do. Stealing an apple to feed ones family should not be a worse crime than embezzling millions from pension funds. Sometimes it seems the court system doesn't always seem to understand the differences. There are also alternatives that include mental health, community engagement, and volunteering that can make a

Enbridge Energy vs. State of Michigan-Need for a Redundent and Adaptable Energy System Highlighted

There has been controversy brewing between the State of Michigan and Enbridge Energy. It appears that some of the pipe was damaged when a support anchor shifted. Other damage occurred in the recent past when a ship hit it with a huge anchor and dented it. Thus, there will likely be further legal proceedings and arguments. There is a wider discussion on energy vs. environmental protections. Now, I'm not that familiar with the case yet but I would say we need energy for economic growth and we need a safe environment for long-term growth and health. This debate is natural depending on the emphasis in one's value systems. Until there is a solution there will be conflict. In essence there is a new pipeline being built that may be operational in 5 years and there is a demand that the tunnel get shut down within 2 years for perceived safety issues. Both arguments seem to make some sense and have a lot of supporters piling up. We can look at some growing trends in Global Warming/

Governor Whitmer requests Enbridge to Shut Down Pipe Line

One of the anchor support broke and Governor Whitmer requests the pipeline to be closed. There has been some issues brewing in the past but the Governor asked them to shut down the pipe line and provide a report of the issue. There is indication that much of the U.P. is using propane and other sources that come from this pipeline. The risk is environmental in nature if there is damage to the pipeline. So...this may turn into a bigger legal issue. You can look at some of the issues between the state and the company HERE .  

Ocean Beach Surfing-Cam and My Wave Crash

It takes time to learn how to surf well. I have met some interesting people surfing and it seems like there is a community around surfing. The more you go out the more likely you will learn how to surf well. A lot has to do with body mechanics and picking the right spot to try and get up. I noticed my friend do the mistake I used to do and that included trying to get up too fast without the board moving at a descent pace. Someone sent me a good cam to use when looking at weaher to head over to Ocean Beach. The water can really pummel you and take you under a little. It was fun either way. :)

Whitehouse Press Release GDP May Rise Above 2019 Peak 06-21-2020

GDP is a common measurment of economic growth or decline. It should be remember that this is an imperfect measurement but it is one of the best ones and most common ones we have today. I also think that the economy will also start to take off in the third and fourth quarter assuming that no major issues occur. With the advent of new technological development and innovative synergy we could even hope for something much stronger next year as new technologies are fully adapted. Of course there is no guarantee and this is something that might happen with outside variables....and I think there always is but hopefully not (i.e. major spike COVID, natural catastrophe, etc....). You can read something about it here.... GDP Contracts 1st Q of 2020-Is It a Short Lived Shock and Digital GDP Recovery?

What is it Going to Take to Rebuild Our Job Environment? Federal Chair Jerome Powell

Rebuilding our nation will require a strategic approach that leads to growth for all Americans. There has been a focus on manufacturing which is great. I think its important to rebuild our manufacturing, micromanufacturing, high skilled technology fields and our infrastructure. I believe in "rock to retail approach" while augmenting international supply chain to support our internal manufacturing but not supplant it. Education is important in this process of redevelopment. Its is awesome they are discussing life long learning as this has been something discussed in online education for a long time. Through crisis comes opportunity for minorities and the rest of Americans. We can reclaim our international position if we all get on the same page and grow in prominence together. This is the theory I been working on. There is a lot of parallel with what is talking about. The idea probably help Youngstown. I used to drive truck when I was younger so I have been there. There is

Lap Swimming While Picking Up Ocean Trash

Picking up ocean trash isn't particularly fun but I can say as I lap swim in the morning I can't help but notice the trash. I grab it and throw it on shore. Most is junk....but occasionally you find a little treasure some kid left behind like this toy dinosaur that my dog would love to play behind. Other times you find things like bottles that someone chucked into ocean instead of putting in the trash-bin. Be mindful of our environment.

Police are NOT the Enemy but They NEED Reform-Perspective of a Muslim-Catholic Patriot!

I have seen great police do great things and without them we would have serious serious problems in society. However, for every 10 good encounters I have had with police I had a few bad ones. We must reform but we must do so in a way that respects and supports our brave law enforcement while ensuring that we are drawing in minorities (hopefully soon to never worry about a person's race and religion in justice) in the future. We want to be a civilized, enlightened and fully developed society and that means making improvement where it is most helpful. I can give you at least 4 encounters where I was asked about my religion and my perceived threat to society because of that name. Thus, I suspect I am one of those who have something to say about it. These were ignorant officers but they don't represent all officers. It didn't matter that I served my country, it didn't matter I was educated, it didn't matter that I was a full blooded American that did more for their co

Upper Body Work Out Surfing

Try breaking through the waves to get to a place where a break occurs can take some effort. Many people look for rip tides to pull them out. If  your looking to build your upper body you may want to consider getting through the waves with upper body strength. That may take a little effort but you will get a cardio work out. I followed a guy out into the ocean and was pummeled by waves. That is part of the fun!

Reviewing Scientific Research-A Few Things I Notice

Every week I spend a little time reviewing research of professors. The studies range in complexity and intent. They come from universities and scientific journals. What I often notice is that there are a few things that seem to be a common problem in many studies. Many of the studies are beneficial and important but miss a few of the finer details. This is what I often see.... 1. Not well defined research questions R1, R2, etc... 2. Not a clear connection between Independent and Dependent variables. 3. Not a clear understanding of how researcher bias makes its way into the study and how to control for it. 4. Ill defined literature support. I'm not a person who expects a ton of work to put forward a good study but there are areas where definite improvement can occur. I make similar mistakes from time to time.

V.P. Pence Visits Macomb

V.P. Pence Visits Michigan. Stopped to talk to John James. Is happy to see Michigan growing and developing again. We do need our economy to come back. Its important for people to work and see a new economy emerge. I might have to look up some of the economic numbers.

Bergman's Bipartisan HACT Act Gains Momentum as Foreign Cyberattacks Increase in Wake of COVID Crisis

We know that foreign nations and people collect records, cyberhack, put them together and create intelligence reports. It isn't that difficult of a concept since there is a lot of data out there about us and we have no idea how much data is there. As a researcher, I can say that companies collect data all the time based on your purchase preferences, online search behavior and much more. When the Internet was growing people didn't know how and where this information was going. At the end of the day, important key officials have lots of loose bits of data that can be scanned with bots, collected and analyzed. Bergman's Bipartisan HACT Act Gains Momentum as Foreign Cyberattacks Increase in Wake of COVID Crisis  Washington  - In August of 2019, Rep. Jack Bergman and Rep. Andy Kim introduced H.R. 4189, the bipartisan  Homeland and Cyber Threat Act  (HACT Act) which would remove the immunity of foreign states—including foreign officials, employees, or agents—with regard to mo

Governor Whitmer Discusses Schools and Black Lives Matter....We Need to Create a Fair Society!

Interesting discussion on transmissions and mask. It would seem that those who don't wear masks may be the one's mostly likely to get and spread the disease because of a lack of protection. I like the concept of getting everyone to wear mask when there are significant cases present. The graph sort of highlighted the risks of not wearing. We may not be able to shut down the economy again without serious damage but we could require people to wear masks. That would likely factor into a future strategy. We need business to survive and we need people to be safe. She discusses equity and justice for Black Americans in Michigan. I think this is important...and it should move beyond that to include any race and religion. I've seen serious religious discrimination where Muslims associated with crazy, violent, terrorists and Black children disgusting names and these were acceptable behaviors to a coordinated group of people. Black Lives movements should be more about true equality

Rock Climbing for Supper Body Strength-Climbing for Justice

Rock climbing can be simple or difficult. You can also start at easy and move to advanced paths making it versatile for a wide spectrum of people. Indoor rock climbing gyms and a class will get you started with the basics and safety protocol. I moved from V0 to V8 as my upper body strength and dexterity improved. Keep going back and you will gain muscle as "real" movement that impacts stabilizer muscles kicks in. I'm working on climbing Mount Everest to raise awareness of justice. This is a wider concept of justice; a more theoretical kind. I'm a father of two minority children and I've seen people do some very bad things who didn't seek help nor were they held accountable.  I have been working on this for over a year to no avail. Its important for people to become aware of the roots of their destructive behavior and if they do not have the capacity to get the help they need to live happy non-destructive lives they should be held accountable. Where I come fr

PREVENTS Task Force Report Includes Bergman's Initiative to End Veteran Suicide

Veterans struggle with issues and we have in the past neglected the whole person in our debate on health. We seem to have taken on the image that strong people have no problems and this mentality leads to hiding and covering problems. The same can be said for the general population in society that could have sought help but didn't because they were deathly afraid of judgement. Furthermore, I know people who lack awareness of mental health to understand their own problems and help those even in their own family. Sometimes people just need a little nudge (loving or more forceful) to get the help they need so they can live full and bountiful lives. Flatness in life, alienation, lack of purpose, lack of focus, and chronic negative viewpoints are important signs someone needs help. I think we can accept that people are a whole being that may be physically powerful and mentally powerful if they fix the problems they face. We break an arm we go to the doctor and we break our spirits and

President Trump Signs Executive Order on Policing

The President discussed merits of the Executive Order on police reform signed June 16th, 2020 at a White House press briefing yesterday. The tone was positive and there were discussions on how to encouraging better policing to create greater equality. We do need police in one form or another; what form is what society is currently debating. What we don't need is people or policing culture that runs counter to the American spirit and values.  Thus improvement is helpful not only to the disadvantages but also to the nation at large. I looked through what was offered within the order and highlighted some of the main concepts below. Those include connection to communities, credentialing, recruiting, database, mental health for police, social workers, and more. I like the social worker idea because it will challenge macho police culture. That is important because culture helps determine the expectations of action. Some cultures focus on help while others may be more rough and tumble.