Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Woman Tries to Get Police to Arrest Black Man for Asking Her to Put Dog on Leash

I'm a dog lover and a nature lover. There have been numerous times where people have allowed their dogs to run off a leash and don't pick up after them. It is important to follow such rules in public spaces for the protection of the animal, the nature, and people around them. There have been a few instances where loose dogs have went after other dogs and even threatened people. Some people are afraid of loose dogs so asking someone to put their animal on a leash is perfectly acceptable.

What concerns me most is that this woman states she is going to call the police on a Black man who wanted her to put the dog on a leash. The underlining message is what is most chilling here. If she can call the police and say that he is threatening her life she is expecting them to come and arrest the minority with no questions asked. I'm not sure that is something someone can apologize for afterward.

It is inherently racist unless he was asking in a threatening manner. It also indicates there is an underlining assumption that police are against minorities and people can use that when necessary to "teach a person a lesson" or when they feel snubbed. This means there are things we as a nation need to work on. That includes getting rid of that perception in society through open dialogue and honesty. The time for negative race relations should be ending and we should see ourselves as one nation willing to work through these problems.

The man in recorded the video and he was wise to do so because without such proof things can be swept under the carpet, he may find himself in jail, and she very well might be out with her friends bragging about how this "so and so tried to tell her to put her dog on a leash!" These incidents are more common than we think and it is hard to build a strong and powerful nation while we don't do whats right even though we know what the right thing to do is.

In my mind she said very plainly she was going to try and get him in trouble without an actual crime. In my opinion she should be prosecuted. She not only wasted taxpayer money but also tried to exploit negative relationships between police and minorities to show power over a valued member of society. Without holding people who put in false and dishonest police complaints accountable there will always be a distrust of the system by minorities who all to often get the short end of the judgement stick.

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