Sunday, May 31, 2020

White House Donald Trump Roundtable With Industry Executives On Reopening (May 31 2020).

The good news is that the economy is getting stronger and its coming back. Hopefully, it will come back in a way that leads to greater prosperity for everyone. That will mean starting new businesses, and enhancing the business environment. We must ensure that as protests rage across the country that we take into account how our justice system impacts perceptions of fairness and whether or not people fully engage in economic activity.

If you feel that no matter what you do will not result in due reward for your behavior you have no reason to fully engage the economy. That is what racism throws a wet blanket over economic enthusiasm. Capitalism can be a great and powerful tool if all people are drawn together to succeed. That means we will need to rid ourselves of racism and racist people from positions of authority to ensure everyone works together to build a great nation.

People make this into a political argument. From my experience Republicans do well with economic issues and Democrats do well with social issues. If we can get them talking together we can share some good ideas and come up with a plan on how to build the strongest most enlightened nation on the planet. Economic growth and our business environment can be enhanced and so can our jobs and skilled labor. I don't see the politics in that as there are many aspects to the strong economy.

The message we need to be telling people is that as a capitalist democracy every single person can earn his or her fair share solely by their ability to compete in the market. We will not judge them or hamper them for their perceived differences in any way. We want everyone to be entrepreneurial, work hard, treat their neighbors right, and get what they deserve. Those that believe in ONE nation are American and believe in the American way. Those that abuse their power and discriminate believe in a different way but I do not want to call that American.

Who are WE as a ONE nation?

I have faith we will begin to renew our thinking and get to that next platform of American Destiny.

Trump Round Table Discussion Notes

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