Sunday, May 17, 2020

Rock Climbing in Marquette Michigan-Glenda's Pile the "Coffee Shop" Climb

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan holds the rock climbing capital of Michigan. The northern edge near Marquette has a number of different sites one can hike up to. I was up there for a couple of hours and didn't see anyone so be careful and let someone know where your going.

This climb has a lot of moss and while it looks here like you have places for fingers and toes you really don't. Its slippery and would be very difficult to climb in certain seasons.

I had to use an ascender to climb up parts of the rope trying to grab where I can. There are a couple of trees at the top you can anchor but you may need to consider where you are climbing. If I had a longer second rope I might have went to a better spot.

I will need to go back and take a look at other faces and where it is a little easier to climb instead of ascend and rappel.

Park in Noquemanon South Trails Trailhead and then move Northeast up a hill to a couple of different cliffs you can climb. The coordinates are 46.515, -87.408. Check this site out for more information.

What is interesting about this climb is that it easy and convenient to get to but not necessarily easy to climb. I would call it the "Coffee Shop" climb as one can get a cup of coffee and head out there quickly before moving onto the rest of the day.

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