Wednesday, May 6, 2020

President Trump Provides Funds to Help Native American Communities During COVID Crisis

Native Americans should hold a special place in American Consciousness. As one of the first inhabitants of this land they have a long legacy and history. They were not always appreciated for their unique contributions to our national identity. Together like a large family network we can build a prosperous future where all of America's inhabitants can reach new milestones. It takes a lot of people to achieve our goals and all of us to create a stronger nation.

I spent a big portion of my youth and even now as an adult with Native Americans. The Upper Peninsula of Michigan has a large population of Native Americans and somewhere around 1/3 to 1/2 of my friends were and are current tribal members. My grandmother was also part Native American (I guess that makes me just a touch) and our old farm neighborhood was a few miles from a reservation. They have taught me to respect the land and the creatures that call it home. Plus I learned the "Marriage Dance" and how to make Indian Fry Bread while working at a few Pow Wows with a Native American friend.

It saddens me to see any American suffering under COVID. A New America can really do something special and encourage all people's to work together to rebuild our nation into something other nations can only dream about. The financial support should help them but it our mindset that will help them even more. I always thought reservations could hedge their unique federal provisions to encourage new growth and development in their communities.

The following is taken from the White House Press Release HERE

President Donald J. Trump is Protecting the Native American Community as We Combat the Coronavirus

COMBATING CORONAVIRUS IN NATIVE AMERICAN COMMUNITIES: President Donald J. Trump is supporting Native American communities impacted by the coronavirus.
  • President Trump is working to make sure Native American communities have the support they need to combat the coronavirus.
  • The President signed the CARES Act into law, providing $8 billion to address coronavirus preparedness, response, and recovery for American Indians and Alaska Natives.
    • The initial allocation of this funding, totaling nearly $5 billion, will be one of the largest programmatic investments in Indian Country in our Nation’s history.
  • The Administration has also allocated over $1 billion through the Indian Health Service (IHS), to support tribes, tribal organizations, and Urban Indian Organizations in their coronavirus response efforts.
  • In early March, the Trump Administration established a multi-agency coordinating group tasked with ensuring effective Federal coordination on tribal issues.
  • The President has also acted to expand telehealth capacity and availability across IHS regions, allowing patients to get the care they need, while staying at home.
DELIVERING VITAL SUPPLIES: The Trump Administration has rapidly delivered critical medical supplies to Native Americans communities in need.
  • Unprecedented supplies of critically needed medical equipment have been delivered by the Trump Administration to Native American communities.
  • The Federal Government delivered 250 Abbott testing systems to IHS and they have been distributed to IHS and tribal healthcare facilities throughout Indian Country.
    • These systems allow for rapid testing at the time and place of patient care and expands testing capacity, especially important for harder to reach and vulnerable populations.
  • The Administration sent 100 ventilators to Arizona to support Indian Country.
  • The Trump Administration has worked closely to provide relief—including the delivery of 50 ventilators—to the Navajo Nation, which has seen significant impacts from the coronavirus.
    • The Federal Government has also deployed two Disaster Medical Assistance Teams and constructed three 50-bed Federal Medical Stations for the Navajo Nation.
SUPPORTING TRIBAL COMMUNITIES: President Trump remains committed to supporting the wellbeing of our American Indians and Alaska Natives.
  • President Trump signed the first-ever presidential proclamation officially recognizing the grave issue of missing and murdered American Indians and Alaska Natives.
    • The President issued the first ever Executive Order establishing a task force on missing and murdered American Indians and Alaska Natives whose work is underway.
  • To examine systemic problems at IHS, the President launched his Presidential Task Force on Protecting Native American Children served by the IHS.
  • President Trump has also worked to enhance coordination between the Federal Government and tribal leaders on promoting economic growth and improving standards of living.
  • President Trump re-activated the White House Council on Native American Affairs to promote economic development and rural prosperity in Indian Country.

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