Sunday, May 3, 2020

President Town Hall Meeting with A Little Bit of Everything (May 3rd 2020)

The Town Hall was a nice twist from the traditional White House backdrop. I know this really isn't the point but wouldn't it be nice to have these town halls in different national monuments that help teach a little bit about our history and background (hypothetical question mark). Sorry for the digress....I can say that there was a lot of information covered.

It appears that the meeting was a direct connect to the average person and business. Average people asked the questions directly through the use of Zoom. Very interesting. Likely pre-recorded but people were still able to send the questions in so it really makes little difference. Some of the questions were tough and some where it wasn't all roses.

There was too much information to comment on so I will say that you should watch the video and then draw your own conclusions. One key point is that are moving toward the decline of this virus and as states open up I would like to see how their economies start to power back up. This is the first time in history would could collect so much economic data. There will likely be lots of secondary (and maybe a few primary) studies come out.  Some notes below......

President Trump, VP Pence and Steven Mnuchin:

-30 million jobs were saved.
-3-6 Trillion in Stimulus
-Discussion on Vets and Military.
-We have a lot of ventilators so we are helping other countries.
-Fielded questions on minorities and how the virus impacted them. A report will come out in 2 weeks.
-Money went to farmers and ranchers because they were targeted by China.
-Borders, Trade and Military are his primary reason for elected.
-150 billion up to 400 billion for NATO
-We expect our country to super strong when this crisis is over.
-Pharmaceuticals should be produced in the U.S.
-The supply chain is coming back.
-We need a vaccine.
-Expect to have 94% of drugs in the U.S.
-Infrastructure is so important. Both parties agree on infrastructure.
-Want payroll tax cut.
-Expect our economy to pick up.
-Putting Americans to work is our highest priority.
-120 million direct deposits.
-Next round will go back to Congress to protect workers and enhance production.
-Creating a level playing field with China is important. Tariffs are an important tool.
-Investigation into how the virus spread.
-Countries could have helped to put it out if China would have said something right away.
-Not looking to bail out poorly managed states.
-States can use money for police, first responders, fire fighters, etc.....
-Infection rate and death rate going down.
-Lowest level of predictions for death.
-Would like to get people back to work and get back to a strong economy.
-Transition 3rd Q, excellent 4thQ and an awesome next year.
-Expect a bigger, stronger, and better economy than before.

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