Friday, May 8, 2020

Our Nation Relies on Fair Treatment of All People in Society No Matter Their Sex, Creed, Race, Age or Gender

There are certain principles that hold our nation together and when they unravel the entire nation may someday unravel. It is our belief in principles as a nation that supersede individual interests.  Trust in each other, our American principles, justice and fair play (business and in life) keep our society together. There are those who feel they "own" the law and can apply it as they see fit for their own interests. Trust will require that local and national officials come to a conclusion on what they want their country to look like in the future.

It is time we start holding people who do wrong accountable and teach those who have more to learn to stay clear of hatred and bigotry. As a father and as an American it is time we step up to "do whats right". If we do...our rewards may be inching closer to our legacy in a way that leads to a more prosperous and enlightened people. A people that in word and action encourage full active engagement of all members of society in all aspects of society. It is our patriotic duty to be more than we are today and what occurred in this video!

There should be greater protections to ensure crimes are investigated thoroughly and without bias. Clearly and visibly having a State and/or Federal office that will review enforcement misconduct and/or inaction is helpful in this process of building trust. This takes issues out of the local system when necessary or when legitimate concerns are raised. (That does not detract from the majority of good officials who do the "right thing" and have the best interest of society in mind!) I hope someday we will do better to ensure criminals held accountable, people who need help to get the help they need, and the innocent to go free! None of that is based in sex, creed, race, age or gender!

We will need to see all the facts in the cases to gain a full scope of what was occurring during and after the event.

There is an interesting paper on how we as a nation can accept differences in background but maintain universal national principles that apply to all members of society. I can say no matter our background there are core fundamental beliefs that we must all adhere too and when we don't, we impact what holds us together as a society. We are a nation in transition and we are trying to figure out what we look like in the future. Racism and bigotry should not be part of that future. Many of our current beliefs are rooted in our historical past. I make no judgement on the paper but I will say that it provides some insight into the different ways to view nationalism from a historical perspective. Philosophy and nationalism 1770-1870

You may also be interested in some hate crime statistics HERE.

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