Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Governor Whitmer Signs Executive Orders Related to Suspending License (No. 2020-73) and Virtual Notarization (No. 2020-74)

The virtual world is continuing to take hold and as we adapt there will be better methods of handling much of our business affairs. Videos is one way to ensure that we are witnessing signatures and conducting our business. Without this virtual activity basic everyday business would come to a screeching halt! 

Furthermore, we are not able to update our licenses which could cause other problems such as voting etc... It would be pretty unfair to get a ticket for a expired license if you did not have a way to update it. Therefore, suspending the requirement would make a lot of sense at the moment. 

  • Continue to temporarily allow e-signatures on official documents and remote notarizations to avoid unnecessary in-person contact. No. 2020-74
  • Continue to temporarily suspend licensing, decal and trip permit requirements used by the Department of Treasury to collect taxes owed by motor carriers. No. 2020-73

What we don't realize is that COVID is pushing our government to update its thinking and infrastructure in a way that it would not have done without the crisis. Long lines and slow bureaucracy may not be completely abandoned in the past but it just jumped forward over the abacus and perhaps beyond the Atari! Now we can maybe have slow government websites the spin "loading" for hours and phone trees that lead to nowhere to deal with! 👀 Ok...seriously....we are making great headway and everyone is doing a fantastic adapting to a novel issue! 👌

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