Monday, May 25, 2020

Golf in Your Social Recreational Line Up

Golf was probably one of the most boring games I ever played! At least when I was younger. Time and age have chaged that perception. It has a place in your recreational line up. 

Golf is a game of patience and social connectedness in an outdoor atmosphere. It can also be a place where new ideas percolate. 

I didn't come from a golf playing family and never really cared much about being a "clubby". Probably because I'm a little more into deep ideas and not always so great at small talk. 

...but age changes people. I now see golf as a way to be in nature, be around people you want to connect with and a worthwhile recreational activity. It may not be as exciting as rock climbing or diving or maybe mountain biking but it has its place in your recreational line up. 

Want to include in your excercise routine? Try walking the course. 

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