Friday, May 1, 2020

First White House Press Briefing by Kayleigh McEnany

-$12 billion going to hospitals. A focus on low income participants.
-100 Airflights completed.
-$320 billion PPP loans
-President upset that China didn't let people know there was COVID until a professor leaked it and his laboratory was shut down.
-Intelligence suggests there was a mutation from an animal or lab but as of right now it is not yet fully defined.
-Pledge to not lie.
-Phase one on trial of vaccine.
-Buy 75 million barrels of oil
-Comments on Michigan on the right to protest and to do so lawfully.
-You can see some clinical trials HERE.
-China is blocking U.S. investigators from coming in to investigating. WHO has concerns.
-Ultimately decisions are of the state and the President engaged in Federalism.
-Task force is still meeting regularly.
-No one is pressuring the intelligence community to come to a particular conclusion.
-Undefined Phase 4. Sanctuary cities came up.

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