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Rock Climbing Sugar Loaf Mountain Marquette

Pictures were taken while rock climbing in Marquette at Sugar Loaf mountain. Its a nice little hike up. When you go off the trail a little you can find a number of places to throw your rope over and climb up. I've been thinking about climbing Mount Everest someday. Not sure if I will do it but it seems like there is so much we as a nation need to do to work together for a better future. Riots, economy, politics, science, crime, and the list goes on. I think justice (A more philosophical kind and not really the common language of it) is a good reason and raise awareness for children. It seems we need to start listening to each other and do what is best and right. I'm not sure we can do it but one can hope. It is not use vs them it is us vs us. We are reflections of each other. You may want to read sociologist Charles Horton Cooley' Looking Glass Self to have a better understanding of what is going on right now in society.

Governor Whitmer May 30th, 2020 Discussion of Michigan Workforce Development Board

Governor Whitmer holds press discussion. Primary announcement revolved around the Michigan Workforce Development Board. It appears the goal is to develop workforce and skills across state. I think we need additional focus on attracting businesses and investment with STEM-Tech labor so they can support each others development. Pushing companies to be innovative will help them increase their impactfulfullness on the global market. Much of this is about linkages among economic components. EO 2020-107 Workforce Development Board by Dr. Murad Abel on Scribd

White House Donald Trump Roundtable With Industry Executives On Reopening (May 31 2020).

The good news is that the economy is getting stronger and its coming back. Hopefully, it will come back in a way that leads to greater prosperity for everyone. That will mean starting new businesses, and enhancing the business environment. We must ensure that as protests rage across the country that we take into account how our justice system impacts perceptions of fairness and whether or not people fully engage in economic activity. If you feel that no matter what you do will not result in due reward for your behavior you have no reason to fully engage the economy. That is what racism throws a wet blanket over economic enthusiasm. Capitalism can be a great and powerful tool if all people are drawn together to succeed. That means we will need to rid ourselves of racism and racist people from positions of authority to ensure everyone works together to build a great nation. People make this into a political argument. From my experience Republicans do well with economic issu

Businesses Re-Opening in the U.P. May want to Review Miller Canfield's Free Webinar

Senator McBroom's office release information on re-opening your business in the U.P.. The Miller Canfield Law Office has a free webinar you can watch to understand some of of the legal aspects of re-opening your business. HERE   It can be hard to stay on top of legal changes and issues. This is one simple way to get an overview. If you are re-opening your business it is important to stay up to date and knowledgeable of changes in the legal environment. Be sure to protect yourself by opening in a wise and legal way. Businesses in the U.P. are unique when compared to other parts of the country. We come from small towns and small businesses. Its important to stay informed. Senator McBroom is our local region's senator. You can contact him below: Please call 866-305-2038 toll-free or 517-373-7840. .

Shared Firefighter Service Fill and Dump Tests

Took the trucks from around the area that have shared service agreements and timed filling and dumping under different sources of water. For example, a drop tank, hydrant and pond were the primary systems used. Its the first time I saw all the different types of vehicles from the countryside in the same area. It was a fun Saturday morning working to ensure our community is safe from fires and we are prepared to handle tough fires.

We Need Reform....Protests are a Sign of Things to Come

Sometimes you just get tired of waiting and waiting for justice and when it does come it often looks a little distorted and not what would normally be expected. That is what many of these protesters are saying. They want to be treated as human beings with constitutional rights that can't be taken away based on a whim of a sadistic individual. The pain many people in the minority communities feels is overwhelming and boils over onto the streets. To fix this problem and avoid future chaos we need to start thinking on a different level and move beyond old paradigms. I fell the pain of both side because I have friends that are police officers and I raised two multi-racial children that are likely to be leaders someday. The narratives are different for protesters and police and its hard for people to sort of step across the isle and think about the other. Bad officers shouldn't come to define good officers. The good news is I think change will start to occur because a message of d

Main Street Lending Program Fed Chair Jerome Powell discusses the economy at Princeton University

Small and medium businesses are the backbone of the American economy. Large corporations employ a lot of people but it is smaller businesses that employ people in our hometowns and communities. Because of this crisis they have closed their doors and don't have access to cash flow. Capital keeps their doors open and allows them to restart their operations. That is important if we plan on putting people back to work and powering up our economy. The timing is good as the virus wanes and it is hoped we can salvage many of these businesses and jobs. What: The Federal Reserve has announced that it is establishing a Main Street Lending Program (Program) to support lending to small and medium-sized businesses that were in sound financial condition before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. How: The Program will operate through three facilities: the Main Street New Loan Facility (MSNLF), the Main Street Priority Loan Facility (MSPLF), and the Main Street Expanded Loan Facility (

Mountain Biking and Hiking For Fitness On the Trails-Delta County Michigan

Mountain Biking and Hiking is a great way to get into shape and enjoy the outdoors. There are physical benefits, mental benefits, and nature benefits. Supporting nature and enjoying it are helpful. You can always augment your workout with mountain biking. Put the headphones in and rock your petals. One thing you shouldn't do is take garbage on the trails and leave them there. I found a disposable non-biodegradable coffee cup and wondered, "Who would do serious hiking with this?" Then I realized it was near the entrance and likely someone just strolling. Not someone who regularly use these trails or understands the real purpose of these trails.

TeleHealth in the U.P. $214,000 Funding

Telehealth is growing. The U.P is rural and sometimes it can take a long time for first responders to arrive. That doesn't include the snow and other issues. My family had a cottage in Stonington and one of my neighbors fell ill. We had to drive them a half hour and first responders needed to meet us half way to shorten the time frames. Telehealth up here makes sense. The press release below..... Bergman Announces $214,000 in FCC COVID Telehealth Funding for U.P. Washington - Today, the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC's) Wireline Competition Bureau approved an additional 53 funding applications for the COVID-19 Telehealth Program. Health care providers in both urban and rural areas of the country will use this $18.22 million in funding to provide telehealth services during the coronavirus pandemic. To date, the FCC’s COVID-19 Telehealth Program, which was authorized by the CARES Act, has approved funding for 185 health care providers in 38 states plus Washin

Found Old Ship Hatch While Diving in Escanaba Michigan

Diving is a fun sport that takes some time to practice and get comfortable with. I don't go to super deep narcosis levels but I do like to get out as much as possible. I'm fixing my little dinghy boat with liquid rubber coating so I can rig it to dive off of it. There are a number of ship wrecks and other places to explore along the water front in Delta County Michigan. I keep trying to find new places to explore and test. This was near the municipal dock. Its an hold ship hatch or door or something. Mostly rusted out.

White House Briefing Kayleigh McEnany (05-28-20) $10 Billion for Economic Growth, George Floyd and Voting

A number of issues were covered in the White House briefing that include $10 Billion for community business development, Justice for George Floyd, and voting ballots. I think $10 Billion is a good start but that our government may want to create a stimulus that allows for entreprenurial growth and development throughout the entire nation. That means streamlining small business development (I believe they are already streamlining regulations), low/no interest loans from business lenders for good ideas, and other types of pro-growth policies that could encourage our economy to make a major world come back. Such a strategy may pay dividends a few years down the road as some businesses succeed and grow (some may not) in a way that leads to higher job creation and higher wages. There are studies that support entrepreneurship on economic growth...." for developed countries, generic entrepreneurial activity is related to economic growth, and its promotion is useful to increase the weal

Governor Whitmer Discusses State Budget and Asks for Federal Government Funds (05-28-2020)

Governor Whitmer indicated there is a $3 billion dollar shortage in the budget and is asking Federal government to adjust CARES Act to help out balancing state budgets. We knew this budget shortfall was coming for a long time due to business closing and the general impact of COVID. She will focus on education and funding policy & first responders. There will be priority in funding for research and research universities, roads, training, healthcare, college and other issues. Focus is on traditional institute support and development such as higher/primary education, road infrastructure, training to bring employees back into the market, and general healthcare. Its a little of a mixed bag in the sense that these are the main institutions that we can fund and work with in a traditional sense. Helpful yes but within an existing economic context. One must wonder how to create more innovation to generate more wealth in the market. That is dependent on how we orient these businesses and a

Protests in Minneapolis-Is there a way to support law enforcement and the public at the same time?

Law Enforcement is a necessary part of our society and our economy. Good law enforcement improves the community and poor law enforcement creates problems. It is the same thing in any business that has a customer service (i.e. public engagement) aspect when deal with customers (i.e. society in general) We do know that the vast majority of law enforcement officials are good people who do the right thing in any given situation but there are "bad apples" that will cause these types of issues. Thinking of this from a purely disciplinary labor relations issue it is important to have not only feedback loops but a review of employees who engage in misconduct. That is missing here and that is part of the problem. When there are enough complaints and other performance issues there should be an investigation and review that leads to removal. Without it people just continue on and on. It doesn't matter if its a company or a public service institution because it will almost always c

Article "Schumpeter’s virus: How “creative destruction” could save the coronavirus economy"

The article " Schumpeter’s virus: How “creative destruction” could save the coronavirus economy " by economist Barry Eichengreen  moves into how the Covid virus is going to fundamentally change how our economy works. We were already on this path but the virus pushes our companies to adapt in new ways. It is informative and well worth reading. We are an adaptive species and when we face a crisis we can turn it into a change agent for adaptation. I'm working on a similar theory for the past 7 years and believe it matches much of what Dr. Eichengreen says here. The linkages and efficiency of those linkages improves productive capacity but also the way in which these businesses interact determine their innovative capacity. As we draw companies back to the U.S. we can think about how to utilize such supply chain and competitive/collaborative networks to improve our economic position. Its not a finished theory but you can sort of get the point. " The Theory of Interactiv

Watch Space X Launch Live-Launch America

If this launch is successful it will start to change the dynamics of the space race and Space Force creating new horizons to explore and conquest. I still think the old KI Sawyer Airforce base would be a great place to manufacture, test, and launch new programs.

Enhancing Rural America Through Rural Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Improvements

Rural America has been on the decline for a long time and people will continue to naturally flock toward larger cities with more amenities. However, with the advent of the Internet it is possible for some small towns that are well managed and have opportunities to take their virtual businesses and work to places that better suit their families. Helping small towns rebuild their dilapidated infrastructure can set the table for growth. That doesn't mean every town would benefit the same. Some towns can be realigned to the global market and if we can make them attractive to draw and retain young families we can reverse their decline. The following was taken from a press release.... USDA Invests in First District Rural Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Improvements Washington - Today, Rep. Jack Bergman announced that the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is investing $281 million in 106 projects to improve water and wastewater infrastructure in rural communities in 36 stat

What is Governor Whitmer's Workshare Program for Partial Work/Unemployment Benefits

We know that labor has been hard hit this season because of the Covid Plague. The state is running some serious budget shortfalls and they will need to start cutting back quickly in order to survive and keep the "lights on". One of the big holes is the unemployment insurance that people were forced to use to pay their bills while they couldn't work. The plan brought forward appears to encourage employers to start hiring people on a part-time basis. It leads to budget issues and the need to start getting people back to work. The longer we stay closes the bigger the aftermath economic costs. There has been some push and pull on opening dates but this program seems to start preparing for the necessary inevitable.  I highlighted some of the important points. Seasonal workers are not included. I'm not sure why other than perhaps most are young or that calculating from season to season is difficult as it is not regular employment. .... it looks like this program is

President Trump Briefing May 26th, 2020 Healthcare Insulin Costs Reduced

Lots of different questions but revolves around seniors and insulin costs. You can read the transcripts from the White House . You can read transcripts from  Kayleigh McEnany

Stock Markets Rises DOW crosses 25,000. S&P 500 over 3000

There is a large push to opening the market and what we find is that there is a response in the investment markets. People want to open up their businesses and find ways to invest and make money. When banks and hedge funds rise we know there is great anticipation because such people have spent a lifetime trying to "crystal ball" the economy. They are also really good at risk management. That doesn't mean they can't make a mistake but it does mean that their "animal spirits" are high. We can further say that much of the world market has a wet blanket on it so the U.S. may be a safe place for investors to come.

AEI Author Brooks Discussion Capitalism and Economic Recovery

The video discusses our economic recovery. He is correct in that capitalism, when ran properly, is way more innovative than other forms of governance. It is also the best current governance mechanism to pull us out of this crisis. The motivation to create and invent leads to new products and market wealth generation. That doesn't mean that pure capitalism doesn't have problems with shared opportunities but those problems can be mitigated when road blocks are removed for all people to rise on the economic ladder based on their skills/abilities. This means that education, hard work, entrepreneurial spirit should be protected through our social values (core American principles) and our institutions (employment, education and law enforcement). When the true power of the American people is unleashed through enlightened leadership and modern economic and social policies there is nothing than can stop us.

Woman Tries to Get Police to Arrest Black Man for Asking Her to Put Dog on Leash

I'm a dog lover and a nature lover. There have been numerous times where people have allowed their dogs to run off a leash and don't pick up after them. It is important to follow such rules in public spaces for the protection of the animal, the nature, and people around them. There have been a few instances where loose dogs have went after other dogs and even threatened people. Some people are afraid of loose dogs so asking someone to put their animal on a leash is perfectly acceptable. What concerns me most is that this woman states she is going to call the police on a Black man who wanted her to put the dog on a leash. The underlining message is what is most chilling here. If she can call the police and say that he is threatening her life she is expecting them to come and arrest the minority with no questions asked. I'm not sure that is something someone can apologize for afterward. It is inherently racist unless he was asking in a threatening manner. It also indicate

Memorial Day- Honoring by Not Dishonoring

Battles are not always fought and won on the battlefield. Veterans lived a life and have a code that non veterans don't share. That is what makes them unique. Most don't just go home and put their values in a scrapbook. We don't honor Memorial Day by dishonoring our vets! I've seen successful veterans and I've seen homeless veterans. No matter their station In life they often share a sense of values as they relate to the core principles of our nation and it's historical purpose. Many continue to serve their country and community in their own way. While most people who do respect veterans there are a few who go out of their way to be disrespectful. Behaviors that include disrespecting their lives all they way to manipulating the elderly to swindle money. Racism, religious bigotry, and encouraging others to engage in similar behaviors are just some of the disturbing actions. I can only say such behaviors should be seen as dispicable and antithetical to wha

Golf in Your Social Recreational Line Up

Golf was probably one of the most boring games I ever played! At least when I was younger. Time and age have chaged that perception. It has a place in your recreational line up.  Golf is a game of patience and social connectedness in an outdoor atmosphere. It can also be a place where new ideas percolate.  I didn't come from a golf playing family and never really cared much about being a "clubby". Probably because I'm a little more into deep ideas and not always so great at small talk.  ...but age changes people. I now see golf as a way to be in nature, be around people you want to connect with and a worthwhile recreational activity. It may not be as exciting as rock climbing or diving or maybe mountain biking but it has its place in your recreational line up.  Want to include in your excercise routine? Try walking the course. 

Michigan Court of Claims Ruling Over Executive Orders and Order Extension

For those interested in reading the document you can find Court of Claims Ruling on the Legality of Executive Orders. The Legislative complaint was not successful and is going to be bumped up to the Michigan Supreme Court. New groups of judiciary members will see things differently based on a wider stakeholder interest. There is law and at lower course the language and history may be more important than at higher courts where wider more fundamental issues could have influence. It will be interesting to see how this turns out and how time frames will play into it. There are number of ways to look at this: 1. From the Logic of Court: -The request was to declare all orders and that which it rests upon  as invalid and without merit. The authority rest on Emergency Management Act and Emergency Powers of Governor Act. EO 2020-67 is a replacement and re-issuance of  No. 2020-33 . 2. Case History: We might look to history of other cases but unfortunately unless they are related to a

White House and President Trump States Faith Places of Worship Should Be Open (May 22nd, 2020)

In an interesting turn of events President Trump indicated that faith based places must be opened and the Federal Government will override them. There are essential questions as they relate to the right to practice one's religion. More specifically, he mentioned three large religions indicating all Americans are part of this great country regardless of their religious affiliations. There is further decline in sickness and illness. The virus isn't gone but it is definitely not creating the dark cloud it once did. There may be a couple of issues here as they relate to learned social behavior, the virus strain working its way out of an organism (us), and emergency/mortality issues are declining. We are in a different situation than we were when this emergency situation began. President Trump donates his salary to important causes. In particular, he is donating 100K to Health and Human Services to further Covid research. The total salary not including extras is 400K. So this is

Traps of the Mind-When Hate Has No Self-Reflection-Spring the Trap

Hate isn't rational on its own and is based in deeper misconceptions, guidance and fear of self and the world. Rational and irrational behavior is often defined in intended goals and the logic that would reasonably achieve those goals. Hate is an irrationality based not in intent but in lack of true objective. While the intent to harm and the methods of doing so may be rational the deeper reason of why is often irrational. Thus the strategy of hate won't actually alleviate the discomfort of deep feelings of inadequacy. Let me give you an example. Lets say you hate someone because they told you "no", have different beliefs (cultural, religious, political, etc...), or perhaps look in some way different than you (Different race, tall, skinny, heavy, ugly, etc...). When people experience rage because of frustration it has little or nothing to do with that person unless they have caused you intentional harm. If you are not under that pressure then hate is irrational and

President Trump's Speech at Ford Motor Company (May 21st 2020)

President Trump discusses manufacturing in the US and the history of Ford. For decades we have moved jobs overseas and abandoned old supply chain networks. This creates some national security issues as our capacities are lost, intellectual and labor "know how" dwindles, and innovation moves to emerging nations with higher growth rates. By bring back these capabilities and encouraging central supply chain networks into the US we generate more sustainable wealth. I also support resource extraction and the capabilities to do so. Other nations can diversity our supply but we need to maintain our rock-to-retail ingenuity. Spill over suppliers create tertiary businesses and innovations that leads to further innovative growth beyond that line of development.

Governor Whitmer Discusses Opening of Retail and other Activities in Michigan

Governore Whitermer discusses the opening of retail and other activities in Michigan. This comes in time for Memorial Day weekend. I suspect not everyone is going to be happy but we can start moving around and opening up businesses. At some point someone is going to calculate some numbers on the total devastation of COVID in terms of life, property and wealth. We have a lot of work to do to bring back our economy (Michigan and Nationally). This is our chance to reclaim a dominant global position if the nation focuses on finding new ways of approaching the market and eliminating waste and mismanagement. EO 2020-96 Emerg order - MI Safe Start - re-issue.pdf EO 2020-97 Emerg order - Workplace safeguards - re-issue.pdf

New Coins Honoring First Responders, Scientists, and Frontline Workers Coronavirus Front-line Responders Commemorative Coin Act

New Coins may be issued to celebrate those who helped with the COVID response. Monies earned will go to CDC Foundation to help fight future infectious disease. Press Release...... Bergman Introduces Legislation to Honor Front-Line Responders Watersmeet  – Today, Rep. Jack Bergman introduced the bipartisan  Coronavirus Front-line Responders Commemorative Coin Act  with Rep. Joe Neguse (CO-02). This legislation would mint coins to honor the health care professionals, first responders, scientists, researchers, individuals who provided care and services during the Coronavirus pandemic, and all front-line workers. Surcharges from coin sales will go to the CDC Foundation to support the health care response to infectious diseases and pandemics. On April 8th, Rep. Bergman  cosponsored legislation  that will give a four-month federal tax holiday to law enforcement officers, corrections officers, firefighters, EMT’s, paramedics, pharmacists, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assist

Good Morning America! Don't waste your day!

Mountain biking in the U.P. Delta County MI.

Federal Reserve Minutes May 20th, 2020

If you are seeking a complete complete copy of the Federal Reserve Minutes Bloomberg did a great job HERE.   Much of what the Federal Reserve is doing is to keep money and credit flowing as much as possible. It is more of an easing action. It should be noted that economic changes are based in many ways on buyer changes and perception of investors. While COVID was devastating in many ways it is also forced us to go through a period of adaptation and thinking about how to navigate change. The Federal Reserve provides a number of tools to avoid having things "lock down" because of credit. What we do see is that capital and many products are not moving because of temporary changes in work situations and demand. People are likely going to start working again soon based on necessity and that may free up and get financial systems moving again. As long as we think of this as a short-term crisis the economy will bounce back when things get back to "normal". The longer the

Governor Whitmer Discusses Evacuation of Midland Flooding

Governor Whitmer discusses the need for FEMA help and ensuring that people move to safe ground. She indicates that it is a 500 year flood. One has to wonder if these types of natural events would become more common. We built the dam to harness the water and without regular upgrading and maintenance we might expect this to happen from time to time. Mother nature sometimes is very fickle and overwhelms our systems. She hopes FEMA will be able to provide help more quickly. Hearts and prayers to people and their properties.

Congressional Rep. Bill Huizenga Speaks on $3 Trillion Stimulus

Congressional Rep. Bill Huizenga  discusses his concerns over extra spending that isn't directly related to COVID in the new 3 T Stimulus package. There was some discussion on seeing the effects of the last stimulus before passing another one. He is interested in  HEROES Act of 2020 on April 3rd   to help first responders through a federal tax holiday.  

White House Press Secretary Briefing Kayleigh McEnany (05-20-2020)

Lots of information this about current events and different things that are going on at the White House. Some of the questions were important and some not so much. However, there was some discussion on bringing back manufacturing. I guess that is where my attention was drawn. You may want to watch.

Two Dams Fail Near Midland Michigan Threatening to Put The Entire Town Under 9' Water

Our infrastructure and environment are increasingly becoming important in order to protect life and property. We know that there are weather spoofs from time to time but the entire state has high water. It is important to invest in our infrastucture and ensure we are keeping natural disasters in mind when designing city plans.

White House Briefing-Red Tape, Executive Order on Economic Development

The briefing indicates the government will be cutting unnecessary regulations in economic recovery plans. Some regulations have benefit and some don't. Those that don't have a significant benefit should be streamlined and re-thunk. What I liked about what was said concerning cutting regulations doesn't mean being unsafe. Our environment is highly important to both our lives and the business. The faster we innovate as a nation the less waste we have on our environment. So I'm all for innovation that cuts waste and improves functionality. In the business world, we often add more hoops to not only justify our positions but also to expand our control over a larger system. Therefore, "right sizing" regulations helps improve the business environment which in turn has an impact on our lives (and wages). It is important to make sure we do this is an environmentally conscious manner so as to improve our productivity, mental health, physical health, and our own specie