Friday, April 24, 2020

White House and President Update on April 24th, 2020

President Trump, FDA and V.P. Pence gave updates on the fight against COVID. You can see some of the highlights below. There is continual movement with states to find new solutions. We are moving toward the the later part of the game agains Covid-19. Its not going to completely disappear for some time but will likely settle down and be less destructive.

Time and research is our friend. With enough effort we can find solutions to problems in the same way we have with other major pandemics. The FDA helps protect people but during a crisis situation by streamlining new solutions. We can often find ways to strengthen our immune systems but sometimes viruses are elusive to "cure all's".

I can say from the briefing it seems like there is an attempt to learn from the variability in the states to create best national practices. In addition, you can see that there is significant work occurring between academia, industry and government. Furthermore, you grasp the different types of virtual tracking systems, apps, websites, etc...that were designed to handle this issue.

We should learn from variability and encourage multiple evidence based practices in states to find the most viable solutions.

One Mission and One Team!

President Trump Highlights:
-New cases in New York are down 50%. Other numbers are declining as well.
-Fatalities are down 40%.
-Half of people live in states that are starting to open up.
-A lot of talent from the top to the bottom.
-Greater than ever before. Tremendous upward shift!
-Extra help to minorities and businesses.
-80 million Americans have received payments. CARES Act.
-Federal Deficit will about around 4T.
-Other nations are asking for ventilators.
-10K ventilators extra.
-Believes the our economy will be stronger than before.
-First home kits were approved by FDA.
-18K employees of FDA working on medical solutions.
-FDA worked with academics and maintained strong standards. They were able to speed up the normal process that would take for years in a very short time period.
-72 Trials are on way to develop therapeutics.

V.P. Pence:
-V.P. Pence discusses meeting with 50 governors and the increasing of testing.
-V.P. Pence indicates that there will be an increase because we will test more.
-There seems to be agreement that Federal government deals with national supply chains and governors work on implementing and expanding testing.

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