Monday, April 20, 2020

Trump Briefing April 19th, 2020-Manufacture at Home and Bring the Supply Chains Back

President Trumps White House briefing discussed the need to bring back manufacturing, manage supply chains, and reemerge as a great society. It believe that much of what he says is correct. While service in an enhancement much of the growth other nations have received is from manufacturing. We have given away our abilities for cheap profits all the while neglecting the American people. We can, if our hearts desire it, change that dynamic now.

The supply chain and local manufacturing are part of the "come back" stage of the American economy. Crisis offers opportunities to reset the button and create new behavior patterns throughout the nation. Innovation, life-long learning, environmental consciousness and production are becoming part of what it means to be an American. Our educational systems will need to adjust in order to help workers adapt and learn new skills. Science and creativity are part of the American Renaissance.

Becoming the center of the global world means creating the highest value in this nation and sending it out to consumers across the world. Manufacturing and developing our internal resources is important. That doesn't mean we don't diversify our resources draw from overseas but that we bring our internal capacities up to competitive speed for the least amount of supply chain disruption. The matching of those resources to brilliant minds leads to market driven products that carry real value for investors, workers and communities.

If we don't grasp this opportunity to secure our place in global society there will unlikely be another ready made opportunity for a long time. Resources and abilities may not be there in the future when we need them or in a crisis situation that forces us to adjust just about everything in society (Including the way we live). We would have failed ourselves and all the generations after us because we were not willing and able to rise to the occasion. The winds call the bird of Jove to take flight to its rightful place at the center of the global economy.

President Trump:

-Discussing 4.2 million Americans tested.
-Localized testing.
-Converted plant to create swabs.
-Governors share what works and create a stronger strategy.
-Covid Declining in Trajectory Path.
-Beating the curve at around 60K deaths.
-New rules for doctors and hospitals. Complete surgeries and more.
-New hospitals and we have excess capacity.
-Young smart people trying to help their country.
-New gowns for healthcare.
-Lots of masks coming out on the market. Medical and N95.
-We need to make products in the U.S.
-Supply chains can be difficult if they span too far across the globe.
-Bringing supply chains back home.
-New treatment and therapies.Cutting red tape.

V.P. Pence:

-Corona Task Force have met. Over 746K americans tested positive, 68K have recovered, over 41K pass away.
-Metro areas are stabilizing and past peak.
-9K ventilators on hand.
-Tomorrow will be hosting a conference call with all governors. Discussion on testing capacities in the country.
-Strong hospital capacity and 14 days gaiting.
-Were here to help.

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