Monday, April 20, 2020

President Trump and White House Staff Update April 20th, 2020

From the information presented it appears that we have moved past the peak curve and on the downward slope. Because we have ramp up our capacity on many levels we are now focused on stockpiling extra ventilators, oil, and much more. There are some manufacturers coming online to provide things like swabs, testing and other issues.

Hints at revolutionized testing.

Much of the discussion was on current events and lists of what is happening. You can get the sense that the White House scramble is starting to settle and a plan has taken form. I'm more interested in what is going to happen tomorrow with the task force to see what economic strategies they will issue.

These are likely to be novel and bold.

President Trump

-American resurgence.
-Social distancing, hand washing and others.
-Deaths are down. Detroit down by 50%.
-PPP is being replenished. Senate is going to vote.
-$75 billion for hospitals.
-Filling up our oil stock piles.
-Help for medical institutions.
-V.P. Pence had a call with all the governors.
-We will be able help other countries with our excess of ventilators.
-We will have stockpiles at the Federal and State level.
-Let's bring our supply chain back. Let's build it and make it here in the U.S. Same for pharmaceutical products.
-Massive scientific mobilization unseen.
-Clinical trials are underway as well.

General Semonite

-Three and staff.
-Working on the local level. 
-Existing hotel rooms, dormitories or large open spaces.
-16K beds available. 
-Need agile plan.
-Met with Governor Whitmer to help on beds. 
-Lots of amazing work was done quickly by working with multiple stakeholders. 
-There has been some other requests for flare ups. 
-Out of their way with 4K contractors on Southern Boarder.
-Construction going smooth. 164 miles. 

V.P. Pence

-770K American's contracted. 41K passed. 
-Slowing spread.
-We are working on solving problems together. 
-Testing for first responders. More testing coming out. 
-13 New testing sites in Michigan with Governor Whitmer.
-Phase 1 is starting and states will choose how fast to move through but the testing capacity is there.

Dr. Birx

-Governors received information on testing sites and laboratories.
-While we set the guidelines each state determines what to do that is best for them. 
-Good websites create greater awareness. 
-Testing facilities and abilities are preparing for week 2.  

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