Monday, April 13, 2020

Michigan Covid Cases Chart April 13th, 2020

A chart will help your audience better visualize the main points. Learning to create these charts and display them for the average person's understanding can make a big difference in getting primary points across. Think along the lines of simplicity to read and understand with using colors and information appropriately. Most people may struggle with a complex chart but this one seems simple enough to use and understand.

When we look along the line we can almost see a trend forming where we have a virus growth, blooming, and then a general decline that appears to move along the same pace as its increase. There are likely lots of different scenarios on how and why this increases or decreases at certain paces (i.e. awareness and social distancing). Thus, we should expect this to continue for at least until the end of the month (perhaps more) and then start taper off to a slow death (The data should be our guide).

That doesn't mean that we will be out of the woods as it could easily start over if not watched and monitored closely. It does say that we earned ourselves some time, learned a few things about a virtual life, and will be much better prepared in the future. Novel chaos creates havoc but becomes less chaotic as we learn and adapt.

It does give us an opportunity to restart our economy in a new way that maximizes new ideas. We can rethink the strategies of the past and move toward a digital economy and integrating digital GDP into our existing economic structures. With fingers crossed it is hoped that this could change the U.S. trajectory into something more sustainable and central to the global economy.

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