Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Meijers Staff Donates Masks to Escanaba First Responders

Meijers is a relatively new store in Escanaba and is doing well making traction in the hearts and minds of locals. Offering a clean environment, high quality products and community support they are becoming one of the favorite stores. They donated surgical masks to the Escanaba Township Fire Department to help keep local first responders safe. But then something more unexpected happened........😲😷

They provided another round of surgical masks and their staff was gracious enough to personally sew homemade cloth masks just to say "we care". Meijers did a wonderful thing and the staff reached out with individualized concern over local first responders! 🙇

The risk responders face for COVID-19 is much higher than the average civilian.  You may want to read associate professor Scott Wolfe's article on how to keep first responders safe by adjusting some protocals.

"When a 911 call goes out, the police (and others) must respond. Accordingly, many agencies are engaging in the best social distancing measures they can(1)".

But its hard when when your in the "mix".....

Masks help prevent local Firefighters and Police Officers from becoming ill. They don't have the luxury of always keeping 6' apart when interacting with the public. That puts them at a much higher risks that others may not experience.

Meijers engaged in something called positive corporate social responsibility (CSR). This can take a number of different forms but creates impact when it has a specific cause and help. When giving they did so out of heir hearts and did not expect us to do anything for them. Yet, only around 1/2 of companies share the nice things they did (Lee, Fairhurst & Wesley, 2009). When shared tastefully it can enhance a companies image and encourage positive feelings about the company.

The staff of Meijers went beyond the call of duty because they put their personal touch on this. It helps us realize as locals that those staff members are from our community and the company supports them in their helping behavior. They did not ask me to write this but they did some nice things to help our fist responders which could impact lives. It is the least I can do. Escanaba Twp. Fire Department took some and the other half were given to Escanaba Public Safety.

It should be noted that a staff member at Nuway Cleaners in Escanaba also gave masks. That would definitely be a place you may want to frequent in the future.
I'm not not really social causing for masks but if you have some to give call/text me and I don't mind bringing packages of surgical/handmade masks to our other local public safety/medical institutions. 619-540-0501 ....or I can just tell you who might need some.

Lee, M., Fairhurst, A. & Wesley, S. Corporate Social Responsibility: A Review of the Top 100 US Retailers. Corp Reputation Rev 12, 140–158 (2009).

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