Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Governor Whitmer Provides "State of Covid" in Michigan (April 13th, 2020)

Governor Whitmer provided an update on the current Covid situation in Michigan. Below are some of the highlights but you will likely want to watch the video because it will provide a lot of information that I can't fully cover in this brief. There seems to be a theme of science and big data in the choices and decisions. She indicates that people must hold on for a few more weeks. It wasn't explicitly stated but it appears that there will be some review of the situation at the end of the month.

-Not enough PPE for first responders and others.
-The curve for Michigan is very steep.
-Trajectory is starting to show flatness.
-Some fear that hospitals could still get overwhelmed.

She indicated that she is trying to do what she can to help protect people from getting sick. Discusses people with depression, job loss, struggles and much more. There are a lot of people who are worried whether or not we will get through this issue. She indicates she is watching the data and trying to determine when and how to move onto the next stage.

-Working with insurance companies for not charging for COVID visits.
-13 Drive through testing and new lab.
-Statewide hotline mental health 888-733-7753
-Increased tele-health.

The chart appears to be slowing after the initial spike. There is some indicating it is flattening. It likely is as other charts show similar type tapering and eventually decline. Thus, no one knows when it will decline and the data will be the main guide.

Like President Trump she doesn't appear particularly happy with the media. I guess that depends on the media type and author. (Who says they don't share something in common? πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™Š)

She isn't yet ready to open the economy fully. Some of the message were addressed to protesters. Indicates a phased method. I'm wondering if that includes zones based on risk factors?

Director Jeff Donofrio from Department of Labor and Economic Freedom comes to the podium next.,5863,7-336-78421_96636_91456_91461-228025--,00.html

If you don't know what the department does here is a description, "Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity (LEO) provides the connections, expertise and innovative solutions to drive continued business growth, build vibrant communities, create affordable housing, generate tourism and attract and retain key talent to fill Michigan’s vast pipeline of opportunities."

Jeff indicated that 1/4 of people have applied for unemployment. This is fairly normal for states that have been hard hit. Sometimes the system may crash because of influx of people but people are still able to apply. Claims are backdated. 

You can file at,5863,7-336-78421_97241---,00.html

I have a couple of comments that might be helpful. There are some items that people should be able to buy (pick up) or have delivered. It would make sense for many businesses to open up additional sales that can be picked up outside the store. In the new digital economy deliver of items will likely become more common and cheaper. I would think more along the lines of basic home office furniture and computers so that people can create virtual workspaces. (My back is killing me from sitting on a kitchen chair so I ordered one on Amazon😳). :)

It may also be helpful to mention that there is a balance between safety and economy. Both carry risks. Some areas might need to start opening up in a few weeks that are not near the hot zones with masks. For example, the U.P. may be at less risk when compared big metro places. Either way wearing proper equipment should be a requirement. I would hate to do this but what about a $10 ticket for people not wearing something over their mouth in places where people are likely to be in close contact? We all are part of the solution and the problem.

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