Monday, April 20, 2020

Governor Whitmer Discusses Stay at Home Order April 20th, 2020

Governor Whitmer discusses the need for the Stay-at-Home order and changes within the state. Those states without stay-at-home orders are seeing increases in Covid. Some parts of the state saw a slight rise but mostly as a whole state we are declining.

The chart of change was pretty good and easy to follow. It would be nice to make it more active in the sense is shows increase and decrease in an animated manner to help people understand how it spreads and declines (I think it would be nice 🙊).

The Governor indicates she is working with labor, businesses, and others to know how to roll out an effective opening that minimizes risk. It appears that it will be focused on certain industries and regions in this process.

African Americans (and other minorities I believe) are disproportionately impacted by the disease.  Covid virus task force started on race issues as it relates to minorities and health. Part of the goal is to reduce bias and environmental factors as it relates the disease.

One positive change is a taskforce to tackle race and discrimination in healthcare and disease. The future of our nation needs all hands on deck in its economic recovery. Race and religious bigotry take entire sections of the economy and don't allow them to fully engage. Its lost human capital and it makes no sense in the modern world where rational minds and coordinated action is needed to pull our country out of crisis and thrive as a beacon for truth and justice that leads to prosperity for all (A modern America?).

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Governor Whitmer:

-Discussed two first responders parents whose 5-year old child who died from COVID-19.
-Still too dangerous to life all restrictions.
-Some people are protesting and feel their rights are violated.
-Comparison with WWII.
-She is taking a 10% paycut. Senior staff will take 5% paycut.
-People and organizations are donating masks.
-Ventilators were provided from NY.
-Manufacture PPE in Michigan (Pure Michigan) retooling grants program.
-2200 people have completed training to help contact people who were in contact.
-Trump offered Federal assistance to States.
-75%/25% share between Federal and Local emergency work.
-Need food donated to Food Bank.
-Hoping that PPP program will help small businesses.
-32K positive cases 2.4K deaths.
-15% reduction of hospitalizations.
-Increased testing to 11K per day. Swabs are being produced.
-PPE are increasing for hospitals.
-Google indicates that stay-at-home is improving.
-Temperature checks, visitors, cleaning, rapid testing, etc... for determining business safety.
-Communities of color have impacted the most with 40% of total deaths coming from that community.

Dr. Khaldun 

-Social distancing is working.
-Want to see consistent decline.
-Too soon could cause a peak.
-Expanding testing criteria. First responders can get test even without symptoms. Food service workers I believe are included. to find a testing site.
-Every skilled nursing facility must report Covid to state.
-IPREP local medical staff that work with long-term care facilities.
-Regional hubs for medical coordination.

Lieutenant Governor  Garlin Gilchrist

-Thank you for brave men and women who are keeping us safe and doing their work.
-Thank you to first responders, transportation workers and others.
-There is a need to work on education and health.
-We need to respond to generations of disparity in the country. Some changes are needed. Poverty task force seeks to address inequities and inequalities. Mortality difference in life and death.
-Importance and value of data and information.
-Minorities don't have education and income in all cases to work from home or use their personal cars to avoid to get sick.
-Real time tackling of racial disparities.

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