Monday, April 27, 2020

Governor Whitmer April 27 2020- Michigan Economic Recovery Council Takes Center Stage

The Michigan Economic Recover Council was introduced tonight to the general public. It is a group of business leaders, medical professionals, academics and others that are working to find a safe way to open the economy. They have a fairly complex system but for the most part it seems to make sense. It is likely going to be "scalable" with some modifications. It appears to fit within the general Federal guidelines.

The Governor indicated that outdoor, industry and construction may end up opening up soon. More information will be coming out over the next few days.

General Notes:
-Licensing for food service temporarily suspended.
-Grocery stores and pharmacy allocate 2 hours week vulnerable employees.
-Grocery stores and pharmacy employees must wear mask.
-New Executive Order 2020-63 Extension of PPO (See Below)
-PPP loans are still open to Michigan residents.
-Adults in Michigan can get health coverage from the  Healthy Michigan Plan
-Companies donated masks and other items.
-Small businesses can retool so they can manufacturing PPE.
-UVC light devices that treat air and surfaces.
-My Safe Start Plan seek to open slowly but surely.
-Instead of a 250K hospitalization we are at 3K.
-Will start opening up the economy.
-Businesses that pose the lowest risk will open.
-New sectors include outdoor sectors, construction sectors and industrial sectors.
-New practices of safety that includes masks, cleaning abilities and social distancing.
-Mental Health website,9753,7-406-98178_99557---,00.html

Michigan Economic Recovery Council
-Gary Anderson from the Michigan Economic Recovery Council with two 1. Path to Economic Recovery and 2. Stage Recovery for Safety. The council uses a wide variety of knowledge base such as academia, labor, business, etc... to make recommendations to the governor. It also uses business leaders that have businesses overseas and have a wider perspective. Small Business Association was added to balance issues.
-8 Regions (Natural Labor Sheds and Healthcare).
-Look at healthcare and the virus density.
-Michigan labor force by workplace types.
-Best practices for each work type.
-Phase openings in regions.
-Showed chart with X & Y Chart with Pandemic Risk and Workplace Risk.
-Urgent, Stabilizing and Recovery Stages.
-Over 20 facilities over the world have sent back information on companies that worked throughout the crisis. They have received 20+ information back.
-13 ABC has a lot more detail and information.

There was a question related to Emergency Powers and I found something HERE (No judgement on source or accuracy because its not in my scope of knowledge). There was also something on the Emergency Powers Act 302 1945 and a 2006 No. 6364 Amendment. I would suspect there will be some disagreement and further definition in the coming months/year. 😶

April 27, 2020 

Governor Gretchen Whitmer Signs Executive Order Extending Validity of Personal Protection Orders During COVID-19 Pandemic 

LANSING, Mich. — Today, Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed Executive Order 2020-63, which extends validity of existing personal protection orders that would otherwise expire during the continuing COVID-19 pandemic.  

Governor Whitmer’s order coincides with a Michigan Supreme Court administrative order extending the validity of personal protection orders until 90 days after Michigan’s emergency declaration is lifted. The orders takes immediate effect. 

“Michiganders who file for personal protection orders due to threats, stalking, and abuse should have peace of mind in their homes during the ongoing health crisis,” Governor Whitmer said. “By extending the expiration of existing personal protection orders, we are helping secure the safety of vulnerable residents as we continue to flatten the curve and plan for Michigan’s resurgence.” 

Governor Whitmer’s order requires law enforcement agencies to extend the validity of personal protection orders to July 21, 2020.   

“Unfortunately, these victims are particularly vulnerable to stalking and harassment — which is why they sought protection in the first place,” Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel said. “Until today, victims were unable to effectively seek extensions of PPOs during this health care crisis – building upon the anxiety of an already fearful situation.” 

Information around this outbreak is changing rapidly. The latest information is available at and

To view executive order 2020-63, click the link below: 

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