Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Congressional Members Seek to Re-Open Sections of Michigan's Economy

Members of Congress (Including 1st District/ U.P.) sent letter to Michigan Governor Whitmer indicating they would like to start opening up sections of the economy using safety guidelines. Its important for us to stay up-to-date on local and national politics to understand what may going on in the near future. I suspect sections of the economy may end up opening soon. There are risks to opening and there are risks to keeping it closed. Its a tough call and will require dialogue between multiple stakeholders. One one hand the economy is seriously limping and on the other side of the coin lives could be lost. Because of the multiple perspectives it may be beneficial to cautiously start opening areas that have lower risk rates with lessened restrictions with the understanding that if cases start to spike they will be closed again. Most people have masks and other items so the chance of quick growth is less now. Thus, "no shirt, no shoes, no mask; then no inside service" in areas that are struggling. No one is going to be happy no matter what happens but we do know the longer the economy is closed there will be costs there as well. 😷😬  Review the letter below.

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