Monday, April 13, 2020

April 13th, 2020 President Trump and Dr. Fauci Discuss the State of COVID-19

Dr. Fauci discusses the need to ensure that the supplies and resources are available to minorities. He discussed the hypothetical situation of early mitigation efforts and saving lives. I believe what he is saying is correct in that with a novel situation it can be extremely difficult to project what are the best options. As a debating people, there isn't a single answer and discussing ideas in hindsight is very different than selecting options in the middle of a crisis situation.

President Trump discussed timelines of when he knew what and the types of decisions at that time. Additional discussion on decisions were offered and how those situations impacted the current situation. There seemed to be some contention between a few members of the media and the President.

Some of the things President Trump indicates are occurring....
I tried to be as accurate as possible. 🙈

1. Masks for people (100's of millions).
2. 3 million tests for the virus.
3. 115K tests everyday.
4. Current anti-body tests and immunity.
5. FDA emergency authority to approve device that removes proteins that help the body not overreact.
6. Expanding hospital surge capacity.
7. 28 million doses of Hydrox (can't spell it). 😲
8. New therapies using plasma from recovered patients.
9. Americans are starting to receive cash payments into their bank accounts.
10. PPP PayCheck Protection Program small business loans that help businesses retain workers. $200 Billion in loans.
11. Replenish the PPP monies to increase wealth of small business.
12. In process of developing a plan on re-opening the country.
13. New guidelines opening the government. Try and return to "normal" life.
14. Developed a committee of some of the most knowledgeable people in the country.
15. Cut oil production by around 20 million barrels a day. 11 million of people will be helped by this action.
16. Bonds of love and loyalty of the American people to overcome this crisis to achieve victory. Paving a way to an American resurgence.

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