Thursday, March 26, 2020

Video on the Bravery of Those Who Climbed and Ballooned Mount Everest

Throughout history there have been people who challenged society to do new and wonderful things. Things that most of us would shirk and shudder from because it is taking risks just for an idea and a dream. It is those symbols, dreams and hopes that continue push people forward to do things that are nearly impossible. People have scaled Mount Everest and they have endured and did it again. Many more have passed away in the attempt. As a human species we continue to overcome our environment and the brave souls continue to march to uncertain futures!

Most people will never understand the draw to challenge the possibilities while a few have something deep inside them that whispers, "Why aren't you there?" and "You can do this stuff!" Trips are not cheap ranging from 50K to 100+K and take years and months to prepare. Oxygen is a serious issue up there and preparation takes a long time. A small cough could end your trip. Some might not get medical or permits because lack of experience. I heard from a few climbers that K2 is even more crazy and difficult.

A really honest article on what its like from Daily Mail.

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