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Tuesday March 31st, 2020 COVID-19 Update-Tough Two Weeks Ahead!

Tuesday March 31st, 2020 COVID-19 Update-Tough Two Weeks Ahead!

Monday 30th, 2020 COVID-19 Update-President Trump Extends Social Distancing

Saturday 28th Update-Michigan Needs Masks

Video on Governor Whitmer and the need for more masks in Michigan. Its a problem all of the states are facing right now. There simply isn't enough available and so people are going to fight over precious resources. This is absolutely normal!The problem we face is that this virus caught everyone and every nation off guard and until production increases there will be shortages, worry and elbowing to get more. From my perspective there really is only two primary possible solutions when it comes to availability of masks (assuming the need for masks isn't declining).

1. Increase supply. Increased supply comes from making (making our own) or purchasing (from less afflicted nations). Suppliers, and potential suppliers, should consider the the benefits of making them. Small businesses in a group can make a big dent and they often can start producing small batches quicker than larger companies. Could also be countries out there that are willing to sell excess capacity to Michigan and/or Federal Government.

2. Better allocation of existing masks to provide a little slack time to supply new ones. That would assume we are close to having new batches. That would require a sharing type strategy among states. That requires some coordination and planning guidelines. These states will want them back if needed.

I wonder with such a worldwide need why businesses have not yet started to fill the void (market pressure)? If businesses can create masks they should be contacting the state and federal authorities to offer their help and let them know they have some capacity and ability. There is no easy solution but what we can say is that there a lot of people (worldwide) who need them and such businesses are likely to find a receptive market (I doubt this will be the last time a bad virus spreads globally). Simple masks are easy to make which may suffice for daily errands and grocery shopping but the more complex masks are harder to come by for first responders, police officers, nursing homes and medical staff.

Thus, building more and ensuring that people who are fighting the disease on the virus battlefield get them first is important. One might also say that elderly and those at risk have legitimate needs. One mask might be able to go a long way if used gently. Got extras...consider donating and doing a patriotic service to your country! If your a state that doesn't currently need them would you be willing to make a temporary loan to a crisis state like Michigan until you need them back? Anyone got a shipping address? Could hospitals also start sharing resources so that they are allocated to "hot spots" first? No easy solutions......🤔

Friday 27th 2020 COVID-19 Update-Census Tracking for Michigan (Other States)

You can view COVID-19 Tracking in Michigan and other states at the COVID Tracking Project

-Cases per county (Michigan):
-All States Daily:

Thursday 26th 2020 COVID-19 Update- President Trump Releases Document to Governors to Restart Economy

President Trump indicates a methodology to re-start the economy through better testing and labeling counties/areas for different risk levels. Localizing the fight could help those areas that are not at the same risk levels continue to work and live life fairly normal while reallocating to those who need their help. It also appears from the document that the government is getting better of tracking the virus's spread. Computer models are so much better now and we have the ability to track these things with much more accuracy with the right models and testing apparatuses. The problem with this virus is that it caught the world off guard and no one was ready!I'm pretty sure that the policies we are setting up today will impact a line of policies the next time this occurs. There will be risks in the reopening of our economy (increased sickness that could result in death) in the same way that there are risks by keeping it closed (increased poverty that could impact the lifespan and general welfare of generations and the fate of our global position). Its a hard balance to find because people are going to be right and left of the most reasonable "risk/reward" line. If it works well it would seem that localizing and isolating quickly before it spreads to regional areas allows us to keep the economy charging forward. Like a large organism, when one part is suffering the working parts can help out and send resources to better fight and protect the areas that are currently afflicted. For example, lets say we have 10 non-infected counties and 1 infected one. If all go under the same "stay home" rules than all the masks, ventilators and resources will be sucked up by everyone leaving serious shortages to those who need it. However, if we could do this correctly we can send available resources to those counties that are struggling. In other words we are managing our supply chain better and ensuring the area has ventilators, masks, gloves, etc... to "nip the disease in the bud" quickly. This "maximizing resources where needed" system could be an excellent model (at least theoretically) if we can get people coordinating. Imagine.....saving the economy (maximum capital) while saving more lives (better resource allocation).

You can read this document here.....unfortunately I couldn't tell if there was a way to embed. 🙎😭

Wednesday 25th 2020 COVID-19 Update- Watch Senate Vote

Tuesday 24rd 2020 COVID-19 Update- Federal Resources Mobilizing, Stock Increases, and Restarting Economy

President Trump makes a strong point about the economy and its need to overcome current challenges. Personally, I believe that this is a crisis and it opens opportunities for innovating our economy. There is a lot of movement and buzz going on in the White House and it appears a comprehensive package that impacts most engine sectors of society will help them power back up. New masks, gloves, and other medical supplies are being made and shipped. Companies have stepped up to the plate to help our nation overcome its challenges. This could be a defining moment in the trajectory of our development but only time will tell.

Michigan has a lot of information on COVID-19. You may want to read up....

Monday March 23rd 2020 COVID-19 Update-Michigan Stay Home/Safe Orders and Surgeon General Warning

Surgeon General Jerome Adams......

Everyone needs to act as if they have the virus right now, test or no test, we need you to understand you could be spreading it to someone else or you could be getting it from someone else. Stay at home.”(2).

Michigan Governor Whitmer.....

"The order also directs Michiganders to stay in their homes unless they’re a part of that critical infrastructure workforce, engaged in an outdoor activity, or performing tasks necessary to the health and safety of themselves or their family, like going to the hospital or grocery store" (1).

Sunday March 22nd 2020 COVID-19 Update-National Guard Deployed to Cali, NY, and Washington

The President announced FEMA/Federal Governments that includes hospital beds, new supplies and national guard support. The states will control the national guard but the Federal Government will cover the costs. That includes new testing and medical stations. The country is coming together to beat this virus. While it is unlikely to be the last of its kind in our lifetimes it does help us change and adjust our current methods/capabilities to be even better prepared the next time something similar happened.

Sunday March 22nd 2020 COVID-19 Update-Rising Numbers in Michigan

There are indications that COVID infections numbers are rising in Michigan. While we know how in general such viruses function there are likely many more people who are infected but have no idea they are raising risks of exposure to others. We do need to work together on a national and state level to focus on opportunities that find new solutions and protocols. As a nation, we will swim or sink together and at this time both parties need to be 100% focused on solutions. Stay safe out there and be mindful of others during our time of need. Take care of your neighbors and work together. 790+  cases and quickly rising means we all need to be diligent. Data is still taking additional time and it is unlikely we can test everyone so the numbers we have are only projections that contain a large margin of error. This means no one knows for sure the exact amount and we don't know the end result. We can, however, focus on developing something new out of the chaos. With such novel situations no one knows the "right" answer but we do know there are a lot of factors at play all moving at one time. Even in the worst situations, thrivers look to discover new solutions and make their way to a vision of a better future.

Saturday March 21st 2020 COVID-19

General updates that include working with businesses as well as preparing additional testing with stronger preventative measures. Much of it is discussing the overall approach the government is employing to minimize casualties and ramp up capacities. One thing the White House is doing right is working together as a nation and involving businesses in solutions. Our innovative manufacturing capacities are part of the reasons why we triumphed in our past wars and will be part of the solution in this war. The President also announced student loans will have 60 days temporary suspension and a promised future discussion on the student loan debt (🤞).  It would seem a gale of change is coming and there will be further coordination with companies to better position the country to handle these types of challenges. It could even be a time when we think of turning on the fluorescent lamps (That is before LED😬)and blowing off the dust off our lost manufacturing ingenuity to solve new problems (What eco, high tech, cutting edge, etc. products will solve problems in a new market?). Everyone has a hand in solving this problem and we rise or fall together as a people. This becomes ever so apparent in a virus crisis that sees no differences between people, races, religions, education, income, or any other man made construct.

President Donald Trump offers an air of calm to a nervous nation. It is a time of necessity and a lot of partial information, unknowns, and misinformation has flooded the airways. At the end of the day, with the current WTO rates of virus transference our economic system is likely to continue forward in the long run; unless something changes. Our essential systems and supply chain are not impacted from a structural standpoint. Yet, the spike in demand does create unexpected problems for people who have families and need to shop normally.

A little reflection on your true needs would be helpful here....

The food supply system is designed to meet "normal" demands. However, hoarding and panic strip the shelves clean of basic necessities. Even with the COVID-19 there doesn't appear to be at this time any reason to close stores (unless to restock). Life should continue on as "normal" as possible under new safety measures.

We need to be diligent against the virus and diligent in helping our community members.

We create some of our own problems. Some of us think about others and some of us don't (Essentially, the same problem from the beginning of mankind). The elderly, mothers, families and others might be left without the basics (i.e. empty bread shelves or no masks for the sick/elderly) if we all push others out of the way!

A few things you should think about before you load your cart! 🤔

1. Can you conserve? Disposable masks can be used over and over. Toilet paper can be opted a little more sparingly. You can switch from paper towels to old fashion cloth towels. Think more about what it means to protect your environment through better conservation practices. Try and limit waste and explore repeat use products when stores are out.

2. Its time to think long term for the next time a virus breaks out. Its wise to have a couple of weeks of extra canned/dry food in the house.  If people have a little surplus they don't need to rush to the store. The extra cushion can help you in all types of situations beyond COVID-19. Now might not be the time to swipe the shelves clean but it could be the time to create a future plan.

3. Just pick up a few extra things. Its ok to pick up a few extra things you might need. It is NOT ok to have a basket of 40 packs of masks, all the canned food you can get your hands on, and 30 rolls of paper towel. Think in terms of days. What do you really need per day and pick up a few extra days each time you go to the store. It could help limit supply shocks and bring you great awareness of your consumption habits.

From a national standpoint we can slow but not stop such viruses; at least until a vaccine is created. We can think about minimizing its impact and good hygiene. The changes in FDA testing means that research can go to trial much faster. Faster trials mean faster solutions!. They may be testing different strains of virus to see if any can produce a vaccine that will work on COVID-19. It takes time to grow, test and see the results of clinical trials. Our job is to do our best to slow down the spread through self-awareness, washing hands, and minimizing large social gatherings. Article on new rules and testing trials. 

You may want to look at the WHO interactive map of the virus spread.

State of Michigan offers information on the virus and their policies.... 

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