Sunday, March 8, 2020

Boats in the Bay- Emerging Battery Technology can Help Our Environment

Our environment is under increasing pressure to move to new technological platforms that seek to minimize waste and create a level of homeostasis with our environment. Battery technology, renewable energies, alternative energy sources, biodegradable products and more are likely to transform our environment in ways we haven't thought of yet. We also have a lot of science and research in protecting our lands and the species that live within them. As our environment puts pressures on us and the cost rises, we will change to meet those challenges. The health of our bays, waterways, oceans, forests and planet will become synonymous with our own survival. New technologies allow us to reverse pollution and with a stroke of luck start to rejuvenate toxic environments. New science in battery technology make their way into the boating community and begin the process of transforming an industry. Solar powered boats that can keep going around the globe with no pollution? Improvement of solar power and batteries would make that happen! Waiting...waiting....waiting....   You may want to read up on the latest battery research HERE.

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