Monday, March 30, 2020

Big Data vs Covid-19; Technological Adaptation

There is a lot going on in our country with COVID and people don't know the answer to this new elusive enemy. Some are jumpy others are indifferent (probably not a good idea to be on either extremes). History offered a few examples from time to time-to-time. Way back in ancient texts they discussed quarantines of areas with diseases (An older version of social distancing?) One thing we have that our ancestors didn't is the Internet, Cell Phones and Big Data to keep us connected.

You can see that there are two types of economies that exist; the virtual and the physical. A large percentage of our economy will shift toward the virtual world because of social distancing. In many ways that could be a good thing by allowing more freedom to live, work, study, and play where we desire. On the negative side we may not have a full sense of community in the same way we did in the past (time and space becomes less important). Perhaps, we will get lucky and be able to have both (virtual and physical) connections once we meet and master this challenge.

What the virtual world brings us is the ability to use big data to track, chase, categorize, and likely slow the spread (Notice I didn't say stop). Its important to remember that Mother Nature has her ways and we are subject to that but we can also adapt as quickly as possible to overcome our problems (Perhaps she is whispering that we need to change🤔). How that happens is unprecedented but we can start to see a comprehensive response forming through state and federal action.

Social distancing...get it and great idea! The Internet helps reduce the devastating effects somewhat for those who can conduct much of their business and socializing online. Our cell phones are another way of putting a lot of people's data in one place to trace the spread of the sickness and better understand where its going next (predictive modeling) and how its moving (New data protection is likely to also rise).

Apply recently came out with a tracking system and the U.S., as well as other governments, are looking for methods of tracking. You can read this article here...

This disease can be studied in real time, beat with scientific ingenuity, and social action that leads to change. Big Data will be part of our future and was built from the necessities of the past. We are a species that can consciously make choices to overcome our environment beyond, and in many ways part, of our biological nature. We are extending our influence through the reach of new technologies that will likely flourish once this is all over. Hold onto your hats because the winds of change will likely pick up!

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