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Big Data vs Covid-19; Technological Adaptation

There is a lot going on in our country with COVID and people don't know the answer to this new elusive enemy. Some are jumpy others are indifferent (probably not a good idea to be on either extremes). History offered a few examples from time to time-to-time. Way back in ancient texts they discussed quarantines of areas with diseases (An older version of social distancing?) One thing we have that our ancestors didn't is the Internet, Cell Phones and Big Data to keep us connected. You can see that there are two types of economies that exist; the virtual and the physical. A large percentage of our economy will shift toward the virtual world because of social distancing. In many ways that could be a good thing by allowing more freedom to live, work, study, and play where we desire. On the negative side we may not have a full sense of community in the same way we did in the past (time and space becomes less important). Perhaps, we will get lucky and be able to have both (virtual a

Webcam Michigan-Pure Michigan Steps Up Virtual Exploration

The State of Michigan is one of the world's most beautiful places with lots to offer for people who are into the outdoors. Its not practical for people to travel right now because of some of the risk factors associated with Covid-19. That doesn't mean peoples shouldn't let their brains explore the state through virtual views. Pure Michigan is offering something for you while your nestled up on couch trying to debate between reruns on Netflix or spending some time enjoying breathtaking scenery.

Video on the Bravery of Those Who Climbed and Ballooned Mount Everest

Throughout history there have been people who challenged society to do new and wonderful things. Things that most of us would shirk and shudder from because it is taking risks just for an idea and a dream. It is those symbols, dreams and hopes that continue push people forward to do things that are nearly impossible. People have scaled Mount Everest and they have endured and did it again. Many more have passed away in the attempt. As a human species we continue to overcome our environment and the brave souls continue to march to uncertain futures! Most people will never understand the draw to challenge the possibilities while a few have something deep inside them that whispers, "Why aren't you there?" and "You can do this stuff!" Trips are not cheap ranging from 50K to 100+K and take years and months to prepare. Oxygen is a serious issue up there and preparation takes a long time. A small cough could end your trip. Some might not get medical or permits because

How the Economy Might Change After COVID-19?

The business world and the economy are changing by the minute, perhaps by the second, as stock markets bounce and economic animal spirits come back to haunt the bull market . Market chaos seems to feel like the new "normal". As novel measures are enacted to create greater pressure to adapt telecommuting, online education and online shopping we may want to consider economic options to encourage rational optimism for when the crisis is over.  The COVID-19 and social distancing policies may have inadvertently lead us to the door of the Information Age, Big Data and the Digital Economy. As pressure mounts on existing structures our economic system might just tip toward the virtual and that in turn could alter some of our basic assumptions. New assumptions sometimes make older economic models obsolete and leaves the field open to new models. Lets look at a few ways the digital economy could impact us...... First lets us say that some level of evolutionary economics is going to

Scientists Can Submit COVID-19 Papers to World Health Organization (WHO) Database

The World Health Organization (WHO) created a database that researchers that can upload papers, partial papers, and pre-print papers for other scientists to read and explore solutions. In crisis situations it is important to open the lines of communication to fellow scientists on a global scale in an effort to gain a broad understanding quickly. As of yet no one has a solution but encouraging people who studied similar phenomenon to upload their papers goes a long way (for successful and unsuccessful studies). It is an attempt to collect all current peer-reviewed studies on COVID-19 and make them searchable. Science can sometimes be chaotic and at times researchers explore hunches to find new connections that lead to solutions. The good news is that the database seems to have enough capabilities to be useful and lead to categorization of information. Categories with lots of data allow for us to think along the lines of variables and testing. More impressive is that scientists are

Lap Swimming Pool Closed? Jump into the Deep Blue!

Body Glove summer suit and quick dry shoes. The pools are closed and you feel lost because your normal appetite for lap swimming isn't quenched ( can get addicting !). Hot showers, tip toe warm pools, time clocks in every direction, and modern poolside conveniences like towel service are for the socially conscious swimmer. Outdoor swimming and all its panoramic view is for adventurists who likes rugged inconveniences! Go the "old fashion" way...the way great grandpa and grandma did it! Go jump in a lake! After the first 30 seconds of agonizing "wake up" shocks as your body plunges into the deep blue you will come to realize how spoiled you were back at the "spa"!  Maybe you will also come to gain a greater sense of how important it is now and in the future to protect our environment. We probably don't need to discuss much about the health benefits of lap swimming because if you are reading this you likely found it by key words. In

CDC Announces Chart For People To Determine Cold or COVID-19

You have the sniffles and you wonder if you have the COVID-19. Not all of us really know so following the chart helps us sort it out. When you first notice you are getting a fever and coughing a lot you may want to don a mask. They are only about 70% effective but using masks to cover your mouth if your in public can go a long way. No one needs 40 large packs of masks. You can reuse them for the most part until they break. Being a "hoarder" is going to cause more harm than good. Save masks for people who have colds and those who have to work with the elderly.

President Donald Trump Declares an National Emergency COVID-19

President Trump announced emergency measures designed to improve response effectiveness, new temporary powers HHS, additional resources, and maximum flexibility. Encouraging telehealth, speeding up testing, FDA streamlining, new tests, better information, etc... You can listen/watch to  below... .

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates by LARA and Governor Whitmer

03/12/2020  State Recommendations & COVID-19 Response Update Dear Licensees & Stakeholders: Thank you for being a valuable partner in our efforts to combat the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). Following the announcement of the state’s first presumptive positive cases of COVID-19, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) are providing recommendations designed to help prevent the spread of the virus. These recommendations apply at the individual, organizational, and community levels. They apply to businesses, workplaces, schools, community organizations, health care institutions, and individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and health profiles; everyone has an important role to play. Please take a moment to  review the Interim Recommendations to Mitigate the Spread of COVID-19 (March 11, 2020) . Information about this outbreak is changing rapidly. You can stay informed by regularly visiting  and

Video of Jumping Seals

A sign of improved ecosystem health is its wildlife diversity. It looks a group is training seals. Kind of cool to watch!

Boats in the Bay- Emerging Battery Technology can Help Our Environment

Our environment is under increasing pressure to move to new technological platforms that seek to minimize waste and create a level of homeostasis with our environment. Battery technology, renewable energies, alternative energy sources, biodegradable products and more are likely to transform our environment in ways we haven't thought of yet. We also have a lot of science and research in protecting our lands and the species that live within them. As our environment puts pressures on us and the cost rises, we will change to meet those challenges. The health of our bays, waterways, oceans, forests and planet will become synonymous with our own survival. New technologies allow us to reverse pollution and with a stroke of luck start to rejuvenate toxic environments. New science in battery technology make their way into the boating community and begin the process of transforming an industry. Solar powered boats that can keep going around the globe with no pollution? Improvement of solar p

Live Views of Earth from the International Space Station

When the link comes back up you can watch live views of earth to get a better view of what we look like from space. Images are from the High Definition Earth-Viewing (HDEV) experiment on the International Space Station.