Thursday, February 13, 2020

Rock Climbing for Upper Body Strength

Rock climbing is something I have been getting into lately. There is a goal in my mind  to achieve 5 years down the road.  A mound of stops from A to Z due to the extreme conditions like oxygen depletion and freezing wind that can knock you off of a mountain. In my experience, setting goals is one of the best ways to get in shape. In this case my upper body strength will need to improve for extended periods of exertion. I cannot think of a better sport for muscle building than rock climbing.

From a technique standpoint you can see that this person has experience and skill. He is trying to get as flat as possible against the wall in an effort to limit energy waste and falling. Indoor rock climbing gyms are great places to practice as you start easy and build to higher levels. The video shows the climber getting stuck and unable to reach the next level where he can secure a better grip and leverage.

The amount of body strength needed is amazing. Legs are your primary and your arms are your secondary support. There is almost no way to use only upper body strength for that long of a time. Even when you are experienced the body reaches its limit as seen by his muscle shake. Can't get much of a better body workout than this.

On my list within the next year is Ice Climbing in Munising Michigan. I may need this skill set if I plan on achieving my goal. If you are interested in checking out ice climbing you can read about it HERE. 

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