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April 17th & 18th 2020 New-Deal Era Art & Music Restoration Fund Raising

New Deal Era mural found on Beaver Island. When I first heard of this last summer I was going to try and come out and help. The item was stored on the Island for many years and was recently re discovered. It is in the process of being restored. Support and be involved in projects that enrich our understand of culture and history.

Closing Technology Labor Gaps with Supporting Veterans in STEM Careers Act

Congress recently passed the Supporting Veterans in STEM Careers Act and it will likely have an impact on available talent for the science and technology fields as well future university focus. The bill tries to help veterans find new technology and science training opportunities in fast growing and high paying careers. As the economy shifts to an Information Ag e a need to fuel innovating industries with updated and life long learning opportunities emerges. What does the bill do? The bill seeks to gap fill some of the shortages of STEM qualified people in the workforce by promoting and encouraging STEM study among veterans. Why was it needed? The technology industry is dying for talented employees and scientists to help push their industries forward. Considering the shortage of such workers in the U.S. and the heavy reliance on recruiting from overseas it makes sense to give veterans new skills to fill these holes. Its connecting a need and resource in the market (low

Humpback Whale Caught in Fishing Net Video-The Need for Biodegradable Products

The whale is a majestic animal that reflects closely our abilities to clean up the ocean and improve upon our environment. Watching this video you can see how beautiful a creature it is as it swims under water and leaps into the air (I've seen dolphins out there). In this case the netting is stuck to the face causing the animal distress. To my boating friends I would say keep an eye out for this whale and if you see it call the Coast Guard. Sounds like a good discussion this week for my sailing club. You can consider trailing at a significant and safe distance to guide authorities. I'm a little engaged in the boating community and from what I have experienced about the personalities involved they love seeing these animals survive and thrive in their natural habitats. Once I called Sea World to inform them of an injured Sea Lion limping around in the bay. They do a great job coming out and taking a look at injured sea animals. Sometimes you can send them a videos to look at so

Aligning Curriculum to Industry Needs for Market Ready Graduates

There is much debate in higher education where we plan to go to ensure our curriculum is meeting marketing growth opportunities. We presented these findings to colleagues in the industry at IACBE. On a national scale if we were to create a way of aligning education to industry needs, while not neglecting the mind broadening purpose of higher education, I think it would improve overall supply of technical and intellectual skills available within the market. Greater pools of talent can better match growth opportunities as companies look for qualified workers.  

Rock Climbing for Upper Body Strength

Rock climbing is something I have been getting into lately. There is a goal in my mind  to achieve 5 years down the road.  A mound of stops from A to Z due to the extreme conditions like oxygen depletion and freezing wind that can knock you off of a mountain. In my experience, setting goals is one of the best ways to get in shape. In this case my upper body strength will need to improve for extended periods of exertion. I cannot think of a better sport for muscle building than rock climbing. From a technique standpoint you can see that this person has experience and skill. He is trying to get as flat as possible against the wall in an effort to limit energy waste and falling. Indoor rock climbing gyms are great places to practice as you start easy and build to higher levels. The video shows the climber getting stuck and unable to reach the next level where he can secure a better grip and leverage. The amount of body strength needed is amazing. Legs are your primary and your arms ar

Program To Connect Veterans to STEM Fields Passes Congress

The “Supporting Veterans in Stem Careers Act” is an attempt to connect veterans to higher paying science oriented careers. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. You can read more about the history of the bill as it moved through Congress HERE. It is an attempt to provide opportunities for veterans who are trying to obtain jobs with high-paying growth fields (something like 30%) where workers are in shortage but also where future opportunities are likely (At least from current market projections).  You may also want to read the transcripts. " Business leaders have expressed concern that the STEM skills shortage  will impact their ability to develop new technologies and to grow their  companies " the report said (U.S. Congress, January 27, 2020) . We are trying to transition into a new data technology era and it seems like a positive way to help veterans continue to serve their country in new ways. These are the types of people who have the courag

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell Provides Semi-Annual Economic Outlook February 2020

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell provides a semi-annual report to Congress today highlighting key aspects of the economy (02/11/2019). I didn't have a chance to dig into the meaning of the report but can say that it looks fairly positive from his perspective. There is more needed in improving access to opportunities for people currently struggling to move up the economic ladder. Perhaps some of that improvement will come through a willingness of companies to hire less skilled labor and train them for higher performance. This might improve transition to a high skilled economy while helping people take steps to improve the market value of their labor. You can read about his report HERE Federal Reserve. Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System before the Committee on Financial Services U.S. House of Representatives February 11, 2020. Washington D.C.: Jerome Powell. Retrieved

Your Personality Based on Your Coffee Type

Thousands of times I walked through offices and never once thought about how the coffee type one drinks says something about their personality. The type of products we pick are often a reflective of our needs and self-image. The video does mention a survey but didn't see a referral to where you can find more information on the study. Next time you see someone making coffee you might think about how their personality is associated with how they like their coffee. šŸ˜¬

GR Tourism Industry Worried About Future-Discusses Impact of Pure Michigan

More discussion on Pure Michigan and tourism within the state. This video provides a perspective from Grand Rapids.