Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Suits in the Thicket-2020 Happy New Year's from a Trail

Play and business mesh in the tundra! Business owners can use outdoor activities to tap into their creative side. The outdoors is part of who we are from the deeps roots of our existence. Spending time out there reminds us that life is relative and the goals we set for ourselves should be meaningful to us and beneficial for the rest of the world.

The outdoors offers no bias, no social class, no stores, no phones, no...nothing! It is just what it is....our world!

Since many of us have business (or job), families, and competing interest we don't make it outside as much as we should. Perhaps 2020 will be that year where you begin to explore places like the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where nature blankets everything.

If your the type of who is a business owner and love the outdoors and small forest town life you can always open a business here. Plenty of people are willing to put those good old fashion woodsman(woman) skills to work! Labor costs are more affordable than most of the big cities and local officials are willing to work with you.

Trust me I know that if you own your business you never truly get time off! can use the outdoors and the physical activity to get away from your business and spend some time relaxing so tomorrow will be an even more productive day. Sometimes the best ideas hit you when you skiing into the rugged wilderness of the Yoop! its ok to be a suit in the thicket!

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