Monday, December 2, 2019

Honoring the Polo Horse! Need for Speed!

There are few things more beautiful than watching a horse gallop at full speed across a field! The rhythmic sound of hooves dancing the dirt.  Debris spring to life when they machines leap forward! Nostrils flair while necks push to reach each step. The rider floats inches above the saddle in a gliding world wind.

Mankind began domesticating these animals around 10,000 years ago (1). Since then we have sought to harness and improve their power. In polo we seek to use this power in a competitive manner. That requires a lot, and I mean a lot, of training! You can see that hard work in their gait, dexterity, and responsiveness.

In my spare time I make polo mallets and sometimes get lucky enough to sell a few here or there. 50% of profits go to orphans. Another 10% may be donated to horse rescues (or other related). As a hobby business, and a sport I sometimes get to play, I can't think of any other places to spend some free time. Put on my headphones and get to work.  I sell them around $70 as practice mallets until quality is improved. The grip quality and availability straight canes seems to be my primary concern.  Got an idea on how to use a rubber inner core for the handle.

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