Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Boxing and Muay Thai as Fitness: Watch the Knee to Abdomen!

If your planning on getting into shape and don't really know how to do it then you might want to pick up some Muay Thai boxing. While originally a number of years of training in Kenpo and general boxing I must say that Muay Thai has some serious advantages for fitness.

Its almost all cardio!

That is right! Boxers are known to be in shape. They spend almost all of their time training and very little in the ring. Thus, they are constantly conditioning and that means little to no fat on their bodies!

Useful coordination!

When your body works together to complete these moves there is useful coordination. The movements can be used for other types of activities that rely on those basic skills.

Muscle and upper body strength!

Kickboxing is known to produce people with high muscle strength. Mixing speed and force together creates a nuclear powerhouse for growing muscle.

How did I do? was a great practice. Lots of body mechanic movement type stuff to make sure proper elbow placement and proper rotating of hip during kicks.

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