Saturday, August 24, 2019

Marketing Communication Strategies

Communication is one of our most fundamental roles in life. We communicate all the time without even knowing it. From subtle facial expressions to long-winded rhetorical prose we are expressing a need in the world. Marketing is about offering solutions to those needs. Reaching the audience that needs those solutions occurs through the marketing channel. Having an integrated marketing approach with a strong mix has the potential to improve sales multi-fold.

You have a great product, know your customer and know which channels to use. You know that your core customer base has a problem so you are designing an advertising campaign so that it highlights the problem solving features of your product.

To gain the most exposure you want to reach your target audience by using three different channels. Each channel will have its own advertisement. While you want each advertisement to be different they should highlight the same core features of the product.

A few considerations for you before you get started....

1. Multi-channel marketing works well when there are central brand features that apply across all of them.

2. Each advertisements should focus specifically on the audience it intends to reach. The greater alignment between the advertisement and message, the more likely sales will occur.

3. Keep your messages simple so consumers don't get confused across channels.

4. Be aware that each channel has a slightly different audience.

5. Subtle meanings and pictures can change the intended message.

6. The technology consumers use will change how the information is seen.

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