Thursday, June 20, 2019

Using Processes to Improve Your Writing

Writing can be very easy or it can be complex. How you view this depends on whether you see writing as a tool or more like an art form of communication. Once you have a rudimentary understanding of writing as a communication tool you can fulfill its function but may not be very effective in motivating people to act. Following a process will help you reach more people and spark their interest.

I'm probably never going to be a great writer of magnificent prose but I can still improve on my writing by following a simple process. The process allows us to think about the various aspects of writing and come to a better outcomes.

1. I would look at the audience in which I am to write. This means looking what the audience like, their buzz words, and how they relate to the world. The deeper you can move into their collective understanding of life the better you will be able to write for them.

2. Understand what media you are going to use to reach them. If you are writing a blog, newspaper article, Tweet, etc... will determine how you write. You are limited in the amount of depth and characters you will used.

3. Determine the objective of your writing. Make sure what your goal is and center your writing around a single focus. This will create clarity throughout your writing as a theme is created.

4. Determine which keywords are most likely to be used by people who have interest in those topics. Select a couple of key words based on their ability to compete in search engines and other methods.

5. Write your draft. Free flow your thoughts and ideas until you get your writing completed.

6. Determine the type of pictures, videos, and other enhancements that will highlight your main points. A picture or sound recording can make a big difference.

7.  Proofread and then proofread again. Depending on your level of accuracy you will want to proofread a couple of times. If your like me you may need to proofread three times and different times.

8. Publish and check. You will want to publish and double check its displayed properly.

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