Thursday, June 20, 2019

Social Media in the Marketing World

Social media in the marketing world is becoming ever more important. It is helpful to remember that social media is useful because it deals with groups of people that share something in common. The more highly motivated the groups is the better the marketing potential. This means that social media is about getting in with groups of people so they can hear about the value you provide to them. They must see it as something beneficial to their lives and identities.

Social media is increasingly becoming common as technology changes and gives us greater access to others people who share interests. We are getting broader and deeper in our connections. They may be a local sports team or a global network on the Dark Net.

People rally around interests, causes, beliefs, and blogs. Networks are formed by people who share something in common with others. Tapping into those networks for marketing purposes opens up new opportunities.

Lifestyle groups are particularly helpful because people's identities are associated with engaging in certain activities. They will naturally buy products related to their lifestyle. For example if you like to downhill ski you will be connected to others that like to downhill ski.  You will want to sell something related to their hobbies.

It is important to remember that information about us is all over the web. Some people may want to engage with others but not want their information sold or misused. There is a movement to push companies to not collect or share such information without disclosures. Those disclosures are becoming more apparent and allow people to opt out.

In social groups marketing is focused on the group. Collecting information about others may be seen as exploitative and an invasion of privacy. Be sure that you are collecting what you need, disclosing that you are doing so, and protecting that information.

Social media marketing works a lot like other forms of marketing. One can provide discounts, sales, and opportunities for people who are part of that network. This creates an "insider" exclusivity that encourages members of one group to feel special. Social network is about perception and value.

Technology and marketing are continuing to change every year. New technologies create new opportunities. Staying on top of industry changes can help you beat the market odds when it comes to selling. Keep updated and continue to "play with" emerging technologies as they become popular.

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