Thursday, June 20, 2019

How to Know When You Need a Quick Break

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I'm a physical machine when I want to be! Lap swimming in the morning, hiking in the forests, horse riding, and then drills for diving in the evening. Crash in bed at mid night and up and at it by 5:30 am. Of course I have to get a lot of other work done with my professor job as well. Therefore, there are times when your body says, "wow...slow down and take a day off".

This usually happens when your body gets over trained. I know this because I typically fell like my legs are very heavy, I'm dead tired all day, my body is sore, and I sneeze a lot. My body is simply tired.

I used to try and push my way through it and in many cases it would go away. Yet I wouldn't see the real results of working out like that. I found that if I took a day or two off my body was in better shape and I could see the results of my workout.

Rest is an essential part of working out. It is an absolute necessity if one wants to see real gains. When your body begins to tell you to slow down and relax don't be afraid to do it. You won't lose anything and likely will have much more to gain.  As your body heals and recovers it gets stronger.

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